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Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety as well as promote physical and emotional healing.

Reiki Video Request $30
with affirmations

Our reiki videos are infused with the healing energy of reiki with a focus on a specific need. The Reiki healing flows just as it would a traditional distant session only activated when the video is played. All you have to do is be open to receiving it. The benefit of our videos is you can listen to them as often as you need and do it on your time. For this listing, you can request a video based on a reiki session you are looking to receive.

Image by Mats-Peter Forss
Image by Viva Luna Studios
Email Readings - $30

Receiving your booking - I'll get an email to say you've filled in the form which will help me see what you'd like to work on.

Getting in touch - Then I'll drop you an email just to say hi and give you a timeframe for when you can expect your reading to land in your mailbox.

Doing your reading - I'll head off with your information and pull 10-cards for you laid out in a Celtic Cross (10-card) spread. Once I’m done I’ll pop everything in a carefully designed PDF and send it on its way.

Email readings take 1-2 days and the PDF will include a summary of your reading, breakdowns of all ten cards and what they mean for you, and then some suggestions on how to move forward after your reading.

Tarot Reading Form

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