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Wondering How To Make Your Money Reiki Box Rock?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

I know each one of you must have been using Reiki Box to manifest your desires. The Reiki box is a handy tool particularly for sending Distant Reiki or Programming Reiki.

One of the finest features of Reiki is that it can be programmed for the past, present, and future. Yes, Reiki can be sent to the past – to heal a particular incident or arena of your life, as also it can be programmed for present and future incidents.

To see how easy it is to program Reiki. To Program Reiki we use crystals, chits, pictures, affirmations, etc, and we put them in an appropriate box.

But over time do you find that some of the intention chits are not manifested? What are the reasons for it and how to make Your Money Reiki Box Rocks?

Money Reiki Box
Money Reiki Box

What Is Money Reiki Box?

Money Reiki Box is nothing but a physical Box, which we use as an instrument for sending distant and programmed Reiki for ourselves or for our clients.

Money Reiki Box can be of any shape and size, but it is preferable to use a moderate size box, as it will be easy to hold it in your hands and send Reiki.

It is really important to have a proper-sized Money Reiki Box, as you send daily Reiki to your box, it should feel good and comfortable too.

Colour is another important feature of Money Reiki Box. Of course, you can use any color but especially Red, Pink, Yellow, and white are said to attract money easily. So it’s appropriate to use these colors while making your Money Reiki Box. Avoid using Grey, Black, and any dull shades.

How Can Money Reiki Box Help You?

Money Reiki Box is particularly helpful for sending distant healing to your own money-related problems as well as you can use it for giving Distant Money Reiki Healing to your clients.

Making different chits for money healings and putting them in a Money Reiki Box, able you to send healings to different people at the same time.

Thus Putting chits and affirmations in Money Reiki Box, saves your time and energy.

It is more comfortable and easy to hold a box in your hand and give healing rather than holding every single chit and object that needs to be energized by Money Reiki Healing.

You can charge several things like crystals, affirmations, symbols, etc at the same time.


Let’s Make Your Own Money Reiki Box

Making your own Money Reiki Box is quite easy task. You can take any box of any shape, and size. Decorate your box with Red, Yellow, or any other color of your choice. You can also use gift boxes to make Money Reiki Boxes.

You can have some awesome Money Reiki Boxes available online if you don’t have time to make one for yourself. I would recommend using the pyramid shape Money Reiki Box.

According to Joe Parr, a member of the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association, any pyramidal shape will theoretically attract and trap certain mass particles and it is these particles that produce the orb-like energy field, also called a containment bubble, around any true pyramid that shields out other energies.

It does so in order to cleanse the atmosphere outside around the structure enabling all other elements and vibrations to move towards harmony and therefore making what is negative, positive. In this process, destructive energies are deflected and positive energies are enhanced.

Buy Money Reiki Box Online

Once you made your Money Reiki Box, follow these steps.

1. Cleanse The Box

Use your preferred method to cleanse the box, before you use it as a Money Reiki Box. You can simply cleanse the box by activating Reiki – white spiritual light cleansing any negativity from the box.

Additionally, you can also activate the Money Reiki and visualize the Money Reiki Box engulfed with golden rays. You can also use Reiki as well as Money Reiki symbols to cleanse the Box.

2. Things You Should Put In The Money Reiki Box

There are a few things that you should always keep in your Box, keeping at the highest vibrational frequency possible.

Currency Note/Coins.

Small Shree Yantra

Decorate your Money Reiki Box with Reiki Symbols- Cho Ku Rei, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, and Sei Hei Ki, Draw these symbols on a piece of paper with the name underneath and keep them in the Reiki Box. These Reiki Symbols are powerful enough to constantly provide higher vibrations to your Money Reiki Box, at the same time empowering other things with the Reiki energy in the box.

I found a very nice Goal Symbol plate on Amazon, which has all the Reiki symbols engraved on a copper plate, additionally, it also has the Master symbol of Reiki on it!


Keep this plate at the base of the Money Reiki Box, don’t forget to cleanse it before using it. After cleansing the plate, charge it with Reiki, and all the symbols will automatically be activated.

Crystals: I highly recommend putting crystals in your Money Reiki Box, as crystals have their own energy so if you have crystals with you, cleanse and energize, and keep them in your box.

If you have crystals like Tiger Eye, Pyrite, and Citrine – popularly known as wealth stones, at least keep one of them in your Money Reiki Box.

Citrine – Citrine is referred to as the merchant’s stone. This bright crystal attracts money like magnets. In fact, Citrine is known to attract money and fortune, as well as good luck in all areas of your life.

Pyrite – Pyrite is known for attracting wealth and abundance, it is also related to the Solar Plexus or Manipur chakra, which is associated with willpower. Manipur Chakra as the name suggests related to Mani aka jewels, wealth in Sanskrit.

Tiger Stone – Tiger Stone is related to the Muladhara/Base chakra, which is directly related to the finances and basic amenities in life. Tiger Stone opens your paths in multiple ways to find financial success.

Fluorite – can remove blockages and narrow-mindedness, bringing in new ideas and creativity.

Garnet – The energies of this gemstone will also help you attract more abundance and prosperity in your life.

Amazonite – This stone is great when it comes to manifestation, It can attract money, good luck, and good fortune!

There are also many other stones that are useful for wealth and abundance.

3. Write Down Your Intentions

Write down your money goals and intentions on paper, and put them in the box. Write all the intentions in the present tense. for e.g.

I have unlimited resources which are constantly growing.

I now make $—–/ year as a writer.

You can also put pictures, objects, and Prosperity Affirmations in the Money Reiki Box, that are related to your goals.

4. Charge The Money Reiki Box.

Once your box is ready, place your hands on it and charge with Money Reiki, use Money Reiki and other Reiki Symbols as per your intuition.

5. Bless The Box.

Bless the Money Reiki Box by saying :

“I now bless the Money Reiki Box with the Spiritual Energy of Money. May it manifest what is in my Highest Good and the Highest Good of all concerned. Thank You.”

5. Thank You Notes



1. Never keep too many objects in your Money Reiki Box. Every object, and every picture has its own energy, so may clash with one another.

For e.g. Make a Money Box with simple objects with a crystal clear intention. Suppose you are making an intention for the salary hike, only keep related things in the box – affirmation, crystal, etc. Don’t put pictures of your other intentions for the house, car, etc. in it.

2. Try to keep different boxes for your personal and professional work.

3. Daily energize your box with Reiki and Money Reiki for a minimum of 10/15 minutes.

4. Keep your Money Reiki Box in a safe place.

Best Tool For Distant Money Reiki Healing Sessions

I hope that this will encourage you to make your own Money Reiki Box if still, you don’t have one. Money Reiki Box is a very handy tool to give Reiki and Money Reiki Healings.

As you can put many chits at a time in the box, it saves you time and energy.

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