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Wondering How To Make Your Money Reiki Box Rock?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

I know each one of you must have been using Reiki Box to manifest your desires. The Reiki box is a handy tool particularly for sending Distant Reiki or Programming Reiki.

One of the finest features of Reiki is that it can be programmed for the past, present, and future. Yes, Reiki can be sent to the past – to heal a particular incident or arena of your life, as also it can be programmed for present and future incidents.

To see how easy it is to program Reiki. To Program Reiki we use crystals, chits, pictures, affirmations, etc, and we put them in an appropriate box.

But over time do you find that some of the intention chits are not manifested? What are the reasons for it and how to make Your Money Reiki Box Rocks?

Money Reiki Box
Money Reiki Box

What Is Money Reiki Box?

Money Reiki Box is nothing but a physical Box, which we use as an instrument for sending distant and programmed Reiki for ourselves or for our clients.

Money Reiki Box can be of any shape and size, but it is preferable to use a moderate size box, as it will be easy to hold it in your hands and send Reiki.

It is really important to have a proper-sized Money Reiki Box, as you send daily Reiki to your box, it should feel good and comfortable too.