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Why Use The Violet Flame?

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The Violet Flame is the Cosmic Eraser

I have used the violet flame for over 4 years and have experienced its magical, properties of erasing past karma. I would like to explain that I’m a nurse and chose nursing due to my desire to heal. I felt that God had given me the deep desire to use healing for the world. So, when I found out about the violet flame, I began to use its power for healing, uplifting, transformation, resurrection, joy, and the freedom it offers. I have used the violet flame on my children, family, country, patients, and situations, for purposes of uplifting and healing. At times the result is immediate, and at other times, it has a “feeling” that “a change is occurring”, but undoubtedly it always works.

Prior to the knowledge of the violet flame, life would move me in directions that I could not control. But after the knowledge of the violet flame, I have control in my hands. I’m able to direct the energy by prayer, decrees, meditations, and visualizations on the violet flame and I just patiently wait, for transformations always occur. It is not a figment of my imagination, it is a fact, a reality. These things I write are deep in my heart and I consider them as great, perhaps one of the greatest treasures that I possess, besides my children, and the knowledge of God. I want everyone to know that the violet, transmuting flame exists for you. It exists for the purpose of liberation. The liberation from illness to health, death to birth, sadness to joy, ugliness to beauty, and darkness to light.

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The violet flame has a radiance that penetrates the body. I would like to add that the great visionary and inventor, Nikola Tesla hailed the power of the Violet Ray. He even invented instruments that radiated a violet ray, because he knew that the violet flame has the energy to heal, beautify and energize all life. You don’t even need a machine to receive the violet flame. You can pray a prayer or decree for the violet flame to be acting upon whatever you need it to be. At the same time, you can visualize the most beautiful violet flame surrounding you, going through your body, penetrating your organs and cells until you are saturated with this healing ray. God gave us the power to visualize. You must use it for healing. Especially when you visualize the violet flame and make a simple prayer or decree.

You can pray:

I Am a being of Violet Fire, I Am the purity God desires.

Memorize this simple prayer and say it during the day and night. Pray it daily, and constantly and you too will witness, like I have its marvelous power. Like everything, the more you practice using the violet flame in prayer, and meditation/visualization, the quicker it will work. I also belong to a worldwide prayer group that decrees the violet flame weekly. That has a multiplying effect! Weekly we invoke the effect of a violet flame sea that covers the earth and its inhabitants. It’s very very powerful.

I invite you to decree the simple prayer above mentioned, and visualize a violet flame surrounding your body, entering, penetrating your organs, and cells, and get ready to be surprised with its wonderful and marvelous effects.

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