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Why use the Tube of Light?

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Your forcefield requires daily reinforcement, clearing, purification, and Divine connectivity. You are an energetic Being having a human experience.

Your physical body is made of vibrating energy. It’s critical to protect your forcefield, your energy field, your energy body, which in itself creates your physical body, from lower frequencies, energetic attacks, from the collective consciousness, psychic manipulation, and a whole host of potentially dangerous lower frequencies that could otherwise potentially interfere with your own field. Calling forth this White Fire Tube of Light is calling forth the Might of your own I AM Presence all around you to guide, to protect, to keep you free from harm and focused on your Divine plan. It is time to Live again as Divine Beings of Light. So Be in your Tube of Light, which must be called forth daily to fully activate! and Be the Light of the World!

How to use the Tube of Light.

Visualize a White Light surrounding your Four Lower Bodies.

Call forth the Tube of Light 3, 9, or 33x. Once memorized, you can give this call any time, anywhere. It’s important to call forth your Tube of Light in the morning as you begin your day and help to reinforce at various times during the day. For example, if you are about to enter into a dense area or situation, consider making the call either silently under your breath or decreeing out loud.

Ideally, a tube of Light call can be given 3 times 9 a day. That means three sets of nine repetitions for each set. This will build up a powerful momentum around your four lower bodies and you may feel the Light of God that never Fails to surge through your Being!