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Whisper This Magical Prayer Before Going To Sleep

In a world that can feel so hopeless sometimes, it’s helpful to use manifestation. Doing so allows you to feel like something is already yours, and then create that reality for yourself, making your dreams and goals come true.

Essentially, manifestation means letting the Universe know about your ambitions and wants, and then making them yours.

In order for manifestation to work, you need to believe that what you’re saying is the truth. Putting any negative energy or doubt into the Universe means that is what you will receive in turn.

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Magical Prayer Before Going To Sleep

But creating what you want is more than just having a positive mindset. And one TikToker may have the answer you need to create what you want.

A TikTok video of Elmer O. Locker, Jr. explains that whispering a specific magical prayer can bring you anything you’re trying to create.

According to Locker, this prayer was created by Frederick Dodson, an author, success coach, and consciousness researcher. Locker himself is a success coach and bases his teachings on those of Neville Goddard, a New Thought author.