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Updated: Aug 25, 2022

You have been attuned and are now a Channel for Reiki to flow to heal and manifest. You know the ThanksGiving Procedure. But you wonder if you have given an accurate intention or not. Worry not! It is not complicated.

Simply put, your Intention is Your Command! Just like Reiki, our thought or word is also energy; and energy understands the language of energy. Therefore, any positive intention you give will work for you. Here are a few examples of simple intentions:

  1. 1. By the Grace of Reiki, all my plants grow happy and healthy. 2. My intention is that the love and power of Reiki have brought Peace and Prosperity into my home. 3. I give the intention that my food nourishes and heals my body, heart and mind. 4. I intend that Reiki has charged me with enthusiasm to study well and perform well in my examinations. 5. By the love and light of Reiki, my friend Joe has fully recovered, and come home to his family. 6. The holy power of Reiki has blessed Tanya with a healthy, happy baby. 7. Let there be Peace & Love in My home/My Town/My Country/Our Planet.

The key is to say your desire positively, affirming that, whatever you desire has already happened. The simpler, the better.

You can either silently say your intention, or if you are not yet feeling fluent; write it down beforehand and then read it out when you sit down to give Reiki. Above of all: Relax, Relax, Relax. You are not very effective if you are worrying over the choice of your words.

When you relax you open the gateway for Reiki to flow. If you are feeling tense about any issue for which you wish to give Reiki so that Reiki can assist you; then first give Reiki to yourself to bring peace and calmness into yourself before proceeding on to giving Reiki to the concerned matter. Here are the simple steps which can be followed:

1. Do Thanks Giving. (You may call other spiritual names if your heart feels close to any special energy; eg. You might wish to use the word God, Beloved Guru, Sensei, etc.) 2. Say your Intention. (Or read it out, if you have written it down.)

– TO SECOND DEGREE MASTER: For DISTANT REIKI HEALING, you may give the full name of the person being healed, their age, gender, and home address, or if in hospital, hospital address and Room or Ward Number; or simply mention the location if you are not having an exact address.

Basically, this step is more for you to focus your attention on the place and the situation; otherwise, Reiki does not require addresses, etc. Some Reiki Masters diligently follow this rule; while others do not, they are both still a healing channel and Reiki will do whatever the intention is given.

3. If you are a REIKI MASTER OF THE FIRST DEGREE, then you will place your hands on the object of healing.

– TO SECOND DEGREE MASTER: Draw the necessary Reiki Symbols with your index finger and middle finger visualizing the situation/person/place/event. Use the Traditional symbols, and any others you have chosen for the session.

4. Give Reiki, normally for 20 Minutes. You may keep your eyes open, or closed. 5. State your thanks, and say BLESS & DISMISS, to dismiss the energies assisting you.

This is a simple and very common format but allows your own creativity to assist you too. So, try it, and you will see it is very comforting to give Reiki to the initiator as well as the receiver. You will be amazed at the results. Love & Peace.

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