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What are Switch Words?

Powerful English Mantras

Switchwords are the WORDS that can quickly switch your energy from one dimension to the other dimension. It means that words have the power to change your energy. All words can become switched words. All words have the power to become switch words. So it is very simple to understand that those words which have the power to switch your energy are called switch words for you.


Switchwords are mantras in English. Things that can switch your energy are Switching things for you. A person who can switch your energy is a Switch Person for you. An event or a past feeling which can switch your energy is a Switch Feeling or a Switch Event for you. A movie or a song which can change your energy is a Switch Movie or a Switch Song as well. The past feelings, events, and situations can be your own feelings, situations, or events or of some other people whom you know or must have observed or shared a similar feeling or heard too with.

Switch Words: Understand With Real-Life Example

  1. For a lady, her husband can be a switch person. His charming looks, caring nature, positive attitude, or husky voice, anything can switch her energy.

  2. For a mother, her child can be a switch person. His/ her smiling face or a tight hug, a win in a competition, or a comfortable sleep in her lap can switch her energy.

  3. Friends too are good Switch persons. Looking at them or just thinking about a friend can Switch your energy. Their caring attitude, tight hug, and warmth can remind you of these feelings in your time of need.

  4. For a religious person idol of Deity is a switch thing for a devotee. Praying them, visiting them, practicing spiritual practices, or worshipping them can switch their energy.

  5. You know for a true follower, the words of his/ her master are Switchwords.

  6. For a mother, a past event, situation, and feeling of her child can be a Switchword. Like when her child won a competition and she felt proud.

So many words, things, persons, movies, and songs can become Switchwords, switch things, and switch persons. Switchwords, switch things, switch persons, switch events, and switch feelings are very quick and effective to create a new life and switch from pain, defeat, trauma, or failure to a new better life. Same way movies and songs too can be Switch movies or Switch songs watching favorite or effective movies or listening to favorite songs too can Swi