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What Are Some Good Smudging Mantras?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

You may be wondering at this point, “What even is smudging?” The short answer is that smudging is a ceremony in which you burn sage and other herbs to release positive energy. Negative energy can take the form of stress, lingering emotions from arguments or breakups, being preoccupied with work or school, or anxiety.

Positive energy is the opposite: it can come from relaxing, spending time doing things you love with people you care about, laughing, and smiling often. Basically, anything that makes you happy!

If your home holds negative energy, it can make it hard for positive energy to come in—so it’s important to cleanse the space while doing your smudging, or as we prefer to call them– cleansing mantras!

A quick way to remedy this problem is by simply burning (ethically sourced) sage and letting the smoke cleanse your home of negative feelings and thoughts. A smudge stick (a bundle of dried herbs tied together) or loose herbs will work too! You could also use clove oil on a piece of cotton if you’re staying in a place where the fire isn’t allowed or just don’t want to deal with burning something.

“As the smoke rises, my prayers are carried to the heavens.”

This mantra is for those who need a reminder that their prayers and intentions are being heard. Practitioners of smudging often use the smoke from sage to carry their prayers and intentions to heaven.

Sage is traditionally used in smudging ceremonies around North America because it has been known for centuries to have healing properties. Smudging can be done by taking a piece of sage and lighting it with a match.