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What Are Runes And What Are They Used For?

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

You probably know what rune symbols look like, and perhaps you've even seen some rune stones carved into stone or metal or etched into wood or glass.

However, most people have no idea how to use them, and just how powerful they can be.

In this article about the ancient Runic symbols, we want to help you understand how to use runes to shift your level of awareness into something we call Manifesting Mode.

We'll start with an explanation of reading runes and a summary of where they came from, and then we'll move straight on to the deeper meanings attached to each rune.

We'll show you how to interpret the 24 different rune symbols and what they mean as manifestation symbols.

Whenever you feel blocked, or are just looking for a little inspiration, runes can give you a push towards success and abundance.

What Are Runes And What Are They Used For?