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Violet Flame to Heal Body, Mind and Soul

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The energy of the Violet Flame is truly incredible!

The Violet Flame is a form of Spiritual Fire (invisible spiritual energy) that is unbelievably powerful for transmuting lower energies, bringing healing, and accelerating spiritual growth and development.

The Violet Flame is a Gift on this planet from Ascended Master Saint Germaine.

It is directly associated with the Violet Ray of energy which is powerfully cleansing and transmuting, and has the profound ability to cut through distortion, blockages, and negativity quickly!

“I Am The Violet Transmuting Flame”

The Violet Flame Has the Power to transmute lower energies and distortions in your body, mind, emotions, spirit, and energy field.

Transmutation essentially just means to move something from a lower frequency to a higher frequency.

Violet Flame energy has been used in alchemy, by spiritual masters, taught through mystery school practices, honored by adepts and initiates, and conveyed in so many spiritual teachings dating way back.

But for eons, the existence of the violet fire and the awareness as to how to access and apply this incredible spiritual energy remained hidden.

The power of this Violet Spiritual Fire to cleanse negative energy, accelerate spiritual development, clear negative karma, amplify Divine connection, elevate spiritual light, transmute fear and restore harmony was once reserved for those sworn into Mystery Schools and secretive spiritual lineages. When truths of the Violet flame were taught, they were often shrouded in secrecy and explained in cryptic passages in conjunction with alchemy.

The Secrets of tIn today's day and age the tides have turned, the time for mass awakening and enlightenment of humanity is Now, and to support this an Influx and Reemergence of Deep spiritual wisdom, profound spiritual tools, and ancient teachings are being revealed, and made available to the masses in a big way.

With Ascended Master Saint Germaine's Grace and Compassion, the power of The Violet Flame is now available to all of humanity now in a Bigger Way!

The Violet Flame of Transmutation is an incredibly profound and powerfully supportive gift, resource, and light we can benefit immensely from working within this here and now. the Violet Ray Revealed

Seeing The Violet Flame

The Violet Flame can be sensed, felt, seen, and experienced in a multidimensional way.

Remember, The Violet Flame is no ordinary fire.

It is a Living, Conscious, Intelligent Gift. It is Spiritual Fire, burning, shining, and serving across dimensions by uniting the highest I Am, Divine Light Power, and Celestial Transmission of the Spiritual Planes with the astral, emotional, mental, and physical.

This means that to see the brilliance of this Violet flame of spiritual fire, one must have a certain level of clairvoyant or intuitive perception.

If you see the Violet Flame, you are seeing its flame and light on the astral level. You can also feel the Violet Fire in Action, experiencing it at the level of the Physical, Etheric, and higher.

Another important facet when it comes to understanding the Violet Flame is that this profound flame of violet energy is conscious

It is alive, aware, and able to co-create with you to bring healing and transformation into your life. I mention this so you know to approach working with the Violet Flame, as you would approach working with a wise spiritual teacher, advanced initiate, or master… With respect!

The Violet Flame is an Incredible Gift! Thank you Saint Germaine for bringing it to us.

Violet Flame Associated Masters:

In addition to the conscious intelligence of the Violet Flame itself, accessing this spiritual light is also taught by and supported by many great beings including:

  • Ascended Master Saint Germaine, Chohan of the Seventh Ray, and Master Alchemist behind this Sacred Fire.

  • The Elohim of the Seventh Ray

  • Ascended Master Lady Portia

  • Archangel Metatron

  • Archangel Zadkiel

  • Divine Christ Masculine, Jesus

  • Divine Christ Feminine, Mary Magdalena

Violet Flame Decrees

A spiritual decree is essentially a command or intention. A Violet Flame Decree a way of invoking the violet fire.

This is it here:

I AM the Violet Flame In action in me now I AM the Violet Flame To Light alone I bow I AM the Violet Flame In mighty Cosmic Power I AM the Light of God Shining every hour I AM the Violet Flame Blazing like a sun I AM God's sacred power Freeing every one

This is no doubt powerful, however, the decree by Summit Lighthouse is not the only way to invoke the Violet Light of Transmutation…

In this article, you will learn more about the power and purpose of spiritual fire, and spiritual flames in general.

Violet Flame Books

Additionally, some of the most well-known publications about Violet Flame come from Summit Lighthouse Publishing and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

You can learn more about the spiritual energy of violet fire in the books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet here:

This is a short pocket book written by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and published by Summit Publications in 1998.

This full-color book by Clare Prophet shares violet flame practices and techniques to harness its power for healing, balance, and creating positive change.

Learn more about Saint Germain, the Ascended Master most commonly associated with Violet Flame in this book, also from Summit Publications inc and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

With love and bright blessings,


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