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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Each year, there inevitably comes the desire to start fresh and create change. We begin by writing down our goals because we know we are 90% more likely to achieve what we desire if we write it down. Then we may create a plan that breaks each goal down into incremental doable steps. Then we assign a due date for each of those steps and voila – we have accomplished everything we set out to achieve by the end of the year – right?

In many cases somewhere along the way, we lose our motivation or are sidetracked by life and time passes, and those lofty goals that we wrote with such fervor and excitement become mere letters on scrap paper that we find years later.

Here is something new you can try that I hope you will love.

Step 1: Create a Reiki Box Find a box that feels special to you. When you look at this box you will want to feel excited about the treasures that it holds inside.

Step 2: Create Your Ideal Life on Paper Write out what your ideal day at work and at play looks like. From the moment you get up until the moment you go to sleep, describe everything from what surrounds you to the people you spend time with.

Step 3: Find the Feelings Now, review your idea life. There are actions and objects and people in it, but what you want to focus on is how you want to feel throughout those days. Do you want to feel free, loving, wealthy, and inspired? Do you want to feel powerful, healthy, lean and joyful? Do you want to feel supported, connected, happy and healthy? Write out the feelings.

Step 4: Feel the Vibration Take some time and look at each feeling. Take the feeling into your body and allow each cell to resonate that feeling. Breathe energy into that feeling until you feel it infusing your body completely. Sit with that vibration. Do that with each feeling you have identified.