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Using the Solfeggio Frequencies for healing

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

“The power of 417hz is incredibly powerful in facilitating change and transformation. It facilitates new beginnings and reverses negative outcomes. “

There’s a lot of science behind the power of sound. And here’s the easiest way to understand it: everything is vibration. Your cells and organs are a vibration that makes up your aura. Even your thoughts, words, and emotions are vibrations, all oscillating at different frequencies. Although the power of sound is only now starting to become a major focus in the world of holistic healing, this modality is ancient, to say the least (even the pyramids vibrate in harmony with the earth’s fundamental frequency).

Among the myriad range of sound frequencies available to the human ear (a range of about 20-20,000hz), there is a harmonic scale representing the tones most powerful for healing, called the Solfeggio scale. There are 9 total, 7 of which correspond to the chakras.

The Solfeggio Scale

  1. 174hz – Pain Relief

  2. 285hz – Heal Tissues and Organs

  3. 396hz – Liberating Guilt and Fear

  4. 417hz – Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

  5. 528hz – Love and Miracles

  6. 639hz – Connecting and Balancing Relationships

  7. 741hz – Solving Problems and Awakening Intuition

  8. 852hz – Returning to Spiritual Order

  9. 963hz – Awaken Original State

What are the Solfeggio Frequencies?

The solfeggio frequencies are powerful change agents as they help to release the subconscious blocks within the chakra system that create a vibrational incongruency to that which you desire. The 417hz frequency is particularly powerful in facilitating change and transformation. It facilitates new beginnings and reverses negative outcomes. To create transformation, there must be an energy exchange. Ask yourself, in what areas are I willing to release what no longer serves me, in exchange for what does? Deeply rooted in the chakra system are the answers you seek.

Layering 417hz with respective frequencies for each chakra will increase the power of change and transformation with focused attention and intention. The following is a sound healing meditative practice that you can incorporate not only in your own healing but into the healing, you provide your clients as well.

Solfeggio Frequencies for The 7 Chakras

You can listen to the frequencies using sound healing instruments or listen to frequencies created from apps or from music streaming sites. If you are new to sound healing, YouTube is a great place to start. You can create a playlist and listen using two browser windows on your computer to layer the sounds. If you are a sound healer, or just becoming curious about the transformative power of sound, you can purchase a set of tuning forks for a relatively low cost. Using a mallet or tapping the two forks together, you can place the forks near a chakra or keep them at your ears. The resonance will move you into a state of positive change.

The key concept is to intentionally focus on each chakra, placing attention on releasing what no longer serves and inviting in the energy of change, transformation, renewal, and joy.

Root Chakra (417, 396)

The root chakra holds our belief systems. Look to illuminate any outmoded beliefs that no longer resonate that have caused guilt and fear of change. This could look take the form of familial, cultural, socio-economic, or religious belief systems. Focus on releasing these and inviting in what belief systems DO resonate.

Sacral Chakra (417, 174)

The sacral chakra governs our relationships with others. Are your relationships with others in tune or out of tune? Have you ever felt guilt or shame around outgrowing your relationships? Or have you suppressed yourself to conform to others’ ideals? Focus on aligning your relationships to resonate in harmony with positive change.

Solar Plexus Chakra (417, 528)

The solar chakra is our personal willpower house. How much fear do you hold around trying something new? Do you fear the future? Are you holding a limited view of self? Seek to release negative thought forms, inviting in the energy of courage and transformation.

Heart Chakra (417, 639)

The heart chakra represents love for self and others. Is your internal emotional climate able to weather change and transformation? Are you acting out of love and compassion, or are you operating from a place of envy and fear? Do you need the attention and approval of others to feel good? Evaluate what you radiate, seeking to release contraction, and inviting in expansion.

Throat Chakra (417, 741)

The throat chakra is tied to expression and human will. Do you fear having no power of choice? Are you speaking loving words with integrity into existence? Is your spiritual life and physical life in harmony? Release the need to know why things happen and surrender to the infinite wisdom of a grander spiritual design.

Third Eye Chakra (417, 852)

The third eye governs intuition. Are you able to separate truth from illusion? Are you able to detach from subjective perceptions to illuminate your personal truth? How willing are you to accept personal truth? How willing are you to accept closure to facilitate a new beginning? Do you resist change or embrace change? Is what you think and what you feel in vibrational alignment? Do you have faith that your inner guidance is authentic? Focus on releasing feelings of self-doubt, and on opening your connection to your Higher Self.

Crown Chakra (417, 963)

The crown is our connection to the universe beyond ourselves. Are you willing to let a previous phase of your life die in order to effect change? Do you feel guilt around some of the choices you’ve made for yourself? Are you afraid of surrendering to a higher power because of the changes that it might trigger in your life? Release the need to control the outcome and surrender to a higher order.

As with anything you do, the results are determined by your intention and attention. The trick is to fully feel into these frequencies and their meanings. Effecting change and transformation requires a synchronized oscillation of mind and body and soul, so your vibration is the key.

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