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Using the Koriki Symbol of Happiness in Healing

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Koriki (pronounced ko-ri-ki) is also known as the Symbol of Happiness. It is not a traditional Usui Reiki symbol, nor is it a widely used symbol but I have found it invaluable in my healing practices and in my life.

Koriki is just such a useful and uplifting symbol, one cannot help to be drawn to it, invoke it, and uses it as much as possible.

As already mentioned, the Koriki symbol is not a traditional Usui Symbol. It comes from the line of Japanese Reiki called Reido Reiki and consists of the Kanji characters for “strength” and “happiness”. Koriki represents “the power or strength of happiness”.

On a very deep level, we all understand that such happiness is bestowed upon us by birth and that we must embark on our Soul journey to pursue and enjoy such happiness. After all, happiness is an inside job! In this pursuit, we need to embrace the fact that we are worthy and deserving of such happiness and abundance.

By invoking Koriki we are asking the Universe for the happiness that we are thus entitled to and allowing ourselves to receive. Keep in mind that it is quite legitimate to do so. As beings of love and light, Koriki provides us with the power of love and grants us the peace and serenity to live a life of love and compassion.

Koriki is a symbol that can be used at any and all times before, during or after a healing session.

Here are a few ideas on how to incorporate the Koriki symbol into the healing space and into your life:

  • Use Koriki when people are stressed, depressed, sick, or low in motivation and enthusiasm.

  • Koriki is particularly powerful in supporting cancer treatment.

  • It is an excellent symbol to meditate on, especially when you are stressed and are struggling to relax and get into the depths of the meditative state.

  • Hang a Koriki symbol on a wall to radiate peace, happiness, and serenity into a room.

  • Activate Koriki in each chakra to open yourself to receive abundance throughout your entire being.

  • You can invoke Koriki at the beginning of a healing treatment to bring happiness and abundance into the healing process.

  • Closing a healing session with Koriki acts as a blessing to bring happiness and abundance into all spheres of our lives.

  • Draw Koriki onto your front door (or any other door) to bless everything that enters through that door and to allow only love, happiness, and abundance into your home or office.

  • Use Koriki at the beginning and/or end of a room cleanse to clear and bless the space and assist in transmuting all disharmonious energy into positive, healed, and loving energy.

  • Koriki is a good symbol to use to bless and energize food and drinks.

I personally, frequently use Koriki as a blessing – to bless my clients, my healing space, a room, the food we are about to eat, my pets… Life in general…

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