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The Magician Card Meaning In Tarot

I – The Magician

The Magician is the archetype of the masculine principle, the proactive one who achieves the end goal. He symbolizes the power to tap the forces of the universe and use them for creative purposes. Notice his posture in the drawing. He acts like a lightning rod – one hand stretched upwards to the Divine for inspiration, the other pointing down to Earth to impart this mighty power. Sometimes his abilities even work miracles because his will help him achieve seemingly miraculous things.

What makes The Magician so powerful? First, he is not afraid to act. He believes in himself and is willing to take risks with that belief. He also knows well what he intends to do and why. He didn't hesitate because he understood exactly his situation. The Magician can focus on a single determination. Just remember the divine source of his strength, The Magician is always the perfect conduit for miracles.

Reading, The Magician implies that the primordial forces of creativity are yours if you can tap into your power and act with awareness and focus. This card is a sign to act and act now, giving you an understanding of exactly what you want and a commitment that you will achieve it.

In Action

Start taking action

  • Work that needs to be done

  • Realize your potential

  • Make possibilities come true

  • Do what I say

  • Implement the plan

  • Make miracle results

  • Use your talents

Acting Consciously

  • Know what you're doing and why

  • Understand your motivations

  • Understand your purpose

  • Check known situation


  • Only one purpose

  • Comprehensive commitment

  • Apply the power of your will

  • Feel valued

  • Put distractions aside

  • Focus on one goal

Experience power
  • Make a powerful impact

  • Full of life

  • Create miracles

  • Become energetic

  • Feeling energized

  • Creation

Some Opposite Cards
  • High Priestess – inaction, intuition, going into the unconscious

  • Hanged Man – postpone activities, do nothing

  • 7 of Cups – lack of focus and commitment

  • 4 of Swords – rest quietly, store energy

  • 8 of Swords – confused and unstable, helpless

Some Support Cards

  • Chariot – focused, focused, powerful

  • 2 of Wands – personal power, using a powerful force

  • 8 of Wands – act quickly, make your moves

  • 8 of Pentacles – focus, and focus

The Magician's Upright Interpretation

Introduction: The Magician will make a higher - and better - use of all one's powers. Mental, emotional, and other powers too. This is another card that often signifies new beginnings and big plans. This is a strong, positive omen in readings. This card reminds us that we have the power to make a change, in life as well as in the big world, if we simply try to move on.

Overview: You may notice a lot of synchronicity pointing directly to profound Spiritual events occurring despite the "significant" degree of their superficial appearance. You should find out if you have the knowledge, strength, and inspiration needed to overcome your challenges. Overall, this is a very positive time for you.

Work: There is an improvement in your work/career. This card indicates an excellent time to find a new job or ask and get a promotion in your current job if possible. Especially if your work is in the creative field, this is when your suggestions and works will be greatly appreciated and can lead you to “bigger and much better” things.

Love: If you're looking for a new love affair, this is when you kind of meet someone new. If you are in a long-term relationship, the relationship will be able to advance to a new, deeper level of commitment and enjoyment. This is the perfect time to “go out and meet people”.

Finances: Money may be on the rise when this card appears – even if it doesn't seem possible in reality during and at the time of the reading. Something will appear that allows you to make more money, whether it's an idea, an opportunity to do some "off-the-shelf" work, or even a new position. Have faith in yourself and your ability to succeed.

Health: If you are feeling sick, it will be over soon; This card represents strength and/or return power. If you try a few things and don't get better, you will probably make great progress if you do some alternative therapies (nutrition counseling, massage, dieting, etc.).

Spirituality: This is the perfect time for you to do some kind of Spiritual research you've previously thought about but didn't have the chance to pursue. You will also benefit from spiritual discussion groups. A spiritual teacher may appear in your life now. This person will be an excellent teacher and will help you see life in a different light.

The Magician's Reverse Interpretation

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Introduction: Even reversed, The Magician will make a higher – and better – use of all one's powers. However, the reverse can indicate that the person is hesitant about making the necessary changes to use his or her power more spiritually and effectively. See what you're afraid of. Is it that other people wouldn't like you to be a "new" person? You're right, and they're probably not. However, there's no reason not to be the person you really want to be - and certainly are - to be.

Overview: When The Magician appears in reverse, you may have overlooked the synchronicity that points you in the direction you most want and need to go. Again, when this card is reversed, you can be unnecessarily doubting yourself and as a result, causing yourself (and those around you) problems.

Work: When the spread receives the reversed Magician, it can indicate an obstacle to a necessary change that you need in your work. The truth is that nothing lasts forever, change and new things are a part of life. Don't cling to the past.

Love: The reversed Magician can signify that you are losing faith in your ability to find, attract and keep a new love if you are single. You need to stop this attitude now so that you can succeed. In a binding relationship, this card when reversed can show a reluctance to talk about what you really want and need. This is the time to be brave and say those things.

Finances: When the reversed Magician appears, it can signify feelings of helplessness and be "stuck" when it comes to money. The truth of the matter is that you can make a change, and you can improve your life if you try. If you do what you've always done, there's no doubt you'll basically get what you've always got. Think about the changes and new ventures you can try. You may find that they are more successful than you think.

Health: The Magician, even when reversed, is still a sign of improving health. Take good care of yourself, and seek medical advice if you need it. Believe in your body's ability to heal itself. You will quickly see clearly that you are much better.

Spirituality: When this card appears reversed, it indicates a need for new experiences and perspectives and even taking on a new path that you used to think about and work with with your spirit. Change Your Approaches and Thoughts It's okay to be spiritual over time (it's aspirational and healthy, in fact). Try new ones. Talk to people who see things differently than you do. Both will benefit.

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