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The Importance of Self-Healing with Reiki

Updated: Feb 22

Self-healing with Reiki means taking responsibility for your own health and well-being, feeling and being responsive to your body’s messages, learning from them, and implementing all the changes that are necessary to keep yourself in good health. Understanding your body's needs and signals will enhance your life in many ways and forms.

Self-love and respect play a big part in Reiki healing, especially in self-care treatments. Giving yourself time and space for Reiki sessions will help enhance your body’s own healing abilities. However, it is important to remember that Reiki is not a replacement for any conventional medical treatment but adds massive value to it. The healing comes from your own body’s repair capabilities. Reiki is not a “cure-all” method, and despite the power it has, it may not be enough to treat all the problems.

Reiki brings many changes on all levels, so it all depends on the individual person and how well Reiki will work for them. If the person is not open and willing to change unhealthy patterns, habits, and behaviors, Reiki will not make it work either, so they will carry on harming themself. Initially, the person may see big improvements in overall health because Reiki is wonderful and can work in mystical ways, but it does not make you invincible. It takes two to tango, so it involves you in your own healing.

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Being able to use Reiki on yourself in self-healing is the biggest advantage

As you start progressing with the healing and bringing Reiki to your life on a regular basis, you start dissolving blockages in your energy field. You slowly and systematically reach deeper layers, cleansing stagnant energy caused by suppressed or buried emotions, thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes.

During the clearing process, all of the above-mentioned will start surfacing for your attention. Memories of the past may come to your mind, unresolved emotions, or even the same people and situations may recur, even though you thought you had already sorted them out previously. It may happen because they need healing on a much deeper level, and once it’s done, they will disappear, and you will eventually free yourself from experiencing them over again. This is a necessary learning curve and process of letting go. Naturally, it is ongoing, and it may take weeks, months, or years of peeling the layers and shedding everything that does not work for your highest good. Gradually, you will be feeling better, lighter, healthier, more energetic and attuned with your true self, and less concerned with other people’s opinions, behaviors, and attitudes.

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Reiki does not need any special preparation or rituals before it starts flowing.

Taking a deep breath and saying in your mind or out loud, “Reiki flows for my greatest and highest good” will be enough. Emotions and thoughts are energy, so used with intention become very powerful. Therefore it is so important to choose what we think because it (good or bad) can manifest in our reality very quickly.

Reiki will naturally flow when you put your hands on the place that needs healing

You are never in control of the energy flow; you are only a channel through which the energy goes. It is Divinely guided, so it always flows where it is needed. As an example, you may really wish to help and heal your friend from their illness with the best intention at heart; however, if it is not for his/her highest good, it will not happen. The symptoms will remain while they face up to the root cause so that Reiki can flow there (usually mental, emotional, or spiritual).

Reiki may bring temporary relief of symptoms; however, we can never guarantee what it will do as it is never under our control. The best way to approach the healing is to lose any expectations of its outcome, and always remember to ask that it works for the greatest and higher good – whatever this will mean in your own healing process. This is the hardest part of the whole journey.

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Healing the self is a priority and must come before healing others

Remember that you are only able to give to others what you have yourself, so if you are not in a good place within, other people will not benefit much from you either. So always remember to put yourself as a priority; deal with past, buried emotions, change unhealthy behaviors, and attitudes, and reprogram your unsupportive belief system before helping anyone else.

The most important way in which you can use Reiki is through yourself

This is not selfish; we are each responsible for our health, both in body and mind. The more we bring balance and wholeness through our own healing, the more we will contribute to the wellbeing of the universe.

Treating yourself with Reiki every day will increase your feelings of self-worth and the ability to love yourself.

This will help you to live and speak your truth and allow others to do the same without feeling threatened. It will enable you to give and receive love. You can use Reiki throughout the day, incorporating it into your life. Set aside time specifically to give yourself a Reiki treatment. The best times are when you wake up in the morning or when you go to bed at night, but there is nothing to stop you from giving yourself a boost during the day when there is time available.

I hope you enjoyed the article. It is a small reminder of taking care of yourself first.

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