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The Fool Card Meaning In Tarot

As card number 0, The Fool initiates the Major Arcana but is a bit separate from the other cards. In the medieval court, the clown was a person who was not subject to the same rules as others. He can observe and then make fun of him. This makes The Fool unpredictable and full of surprises. He reminds us of the limitless potential and spontaneity inherent in every moment. This card has the feeling that everything is going - nothing is certain or routine. The Fool adds novelty and strangeness to the situation.

The Fool also embodies the absolute belief that life is good and full of reliable things. Some people may think that The Fool is too naive, but that innocence is what keeps him alive and gives him pleasure. In a reading, the Fool can be a signal for a new beginning or a change of direction that will lead you to adventure, learning, and personal growth. He also reminds us to keep our faith and trust nature's responses. If you are facing a decision or a moment of doubt, The Fool tells you to believe in yourself and let your heart guide you no matter how crazy it may be.

In Action


  • Entering a new phase

  • Rolling down the new path

  • Extend the limits

  • Start something new

  • Start the adventure

  • Continue the journey

  • Towards the unknown


  • Live in the present

  • Let go of expectations

  • Do unexpected things

  • Impulsive action