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Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Having your Tarot cards read can be an excellent experience. The key is to make sure you are relaxed before the reading.

The reader may choose to practice breathing exercises or light candles before reading to prepare. These rituals will allow a reader to connect to the spiritual world. We believe it’s a great idea for you to try out these to get ready for your reading also.

Your reader will ask you to shuffle the card deck yourself until you feel as if the cards are in the order they should be. With the next step, they will ask which spread you would like to continue your reading with. This part is important because you must ask yourself what you want from the reading itself. During shuffling the cards, you might swap some around. Without knowing, some are upright and others will be reversed. This is great because people do have control over how they shuffle but no control over the outcome or reading. You might reverse cards without even knowing it. This is always down to your powerful intuition and it’s never just an accident.

The cards you pick will play an important role in your reading and will be the key to the answers you need.

In the next step, you will need to place the cards face down on a table in front of your reader. You will need to cut the deck into three piles and select which one you would like to continue with.

This is an important moment in the reading because a stack might have more cards than the other. This is again an example of an intuitive choice you have made. Once you have decided this, it’s the last stage which is to select which cards you want in your reading. You will be asked to go with your gut and pick the cards that stand out to you, instead of picking randomly. Many people will feel connected to particular cards without knowing why.

If you have a lot going on and you are having trouble making decisions, a longer spread might be the best option. If your question is simple, some of the shorter spreads might be better suited to your situation. Regardless of the spread, going to a psychic for a Tarot card reading can be an incredible experience. Afterward, you might feel that it has helped you see situations in a much healthier way. This will allow you to move forward with positivity.

We will try our best to spiritually guide you during your reading. Our aim is to find a path that will help you find happiness. Below are the 5 Tarot card spreads that we believe are the best. To discover what they will tell you, continue reading.

The Three Card Reading

1. The Past 2. The Present 3. The Future

This spread is a great choice if you want some straightforward answers in a reading. These three cards represent your past, present, and future that can be linked to any subject you want. The three-card reading is a simple spread to learn from and it will help you understand more about tarot. It’s important that you don’t overwhelm yourself will all 78 cards at once. Deciding on a longer reading might confuse you or you might even forget half of it. If you have a tarot deck of your own, you could always practice this spread with the 22 Major Arcana cards only. This will allow you to learn the basics and gain a better understanding.

The past will tell you how your actions and circumstances have led you to your current situation. Your present is what is happening right now in your life and how you can decide to act. Your future is how the first two cards will combine and influence the outcomes.

The Question and Answer Reading

1. You and your present situation 2. What action you can take during this situation 3. The obstacles and challenges that you will face 4. The outcome of all of the above 5. The effect will be related to your emotional, spiritual, and mental.

This spread is different from all the rest because it is based on a yes or no question. This one can be a little tricky if you have a lot of questions going around in your head. However, if you have a question such as, “Should I go for that new job role?” it might give you specific answers to help point you in the right direction. The fifth card is an important one because it will show you how your choice will affect your life afterward. This will describe how you will feel in an emotional, mental and spiritual way. This is a great card because it could be an indicator of whether you should make a change in your life or not.

The Week Ahead

Middle: The Significator 1. Monday 2. Wednesday 3. Friday 4. Sunday 5. Tuesday 6. Thursday 7. Saturday

Many people will like to do this reading often. This one is fantastic if you have a week that is going to bring a drastic change in your life. It might suit a time if you are getting married, moving home, or even expecting the birth of your child. This will map out what to expect for the week ahead and could give you hope that by Sunday, all will finish on a positive note. We think this spread is a brilliant way to learn if you want to get into the Tarot because you can practice often. People may want to have readings often whereas others might only have one if they are going through a change. In this reading, The Significator will be selected and placed face down on the table first. This card will represent the heart of the matter and how it connects to the other cards. Once this card is placed it will be followed in numerical order. You might think it will be in the order of the days but it is not. As an alternative, in the New Year, you could choose The Significator and then twelve other cards. These cards will represent the upcoming months and what to expect for the entire year.

The Star

Middle: The Significator 1. You and your present situation 2. What you want 3. The hidden factors 4. The obstacles and challenges that you will face 5. The outcome of all of the above

This spread is one of my favorites because it’s not too short and not too long of a reading. The Star spread will help you when you are in a difficult situation and will help you see the different factors. If you are unhappy in a relationship, this reading could reveal that your actions are playing a huge part in it. Hopefully, this spread will open your eyes a little more and allow you to see what you might not have been aware of. When selecting your cards, The Significator will always be chosen first, followed by the other five.

The Celtic Cross

1. You and your present situation 2. What negatively or positively impacted the situation. 3. What you can do at the moment 4. The hidden factors 5. Your past and how it plays a part in the situation 6. The next step you can take 7. How you view yourself as an individual 8. How others are acting towards you 9. Your dreams and worries 10. The outcome of all of the above

This spread is an original, traditional choice that will cover many different areas. If you have a lot of complex issues and many changes going on, this is the tarot spread for you. This spread will show your past, present, and future. Also, the spread will reveal many different factors that will influence your future. This looks unusual because the second card is placed on top of the first card. This is due to the first card representing your current situation. The second is on top because it will tell you what is currently helping or negatively affecting that current situation. Ultimately, this spread will help you look at your actions and how others will play a part in your life. This is a great reading to have if you are embarking on a new path or direction in life.

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