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Tarot prediction for November 21-November 27, 2022

Your reading for the week

Monday, November 21-The Devil

You are feeling an edge on Monday and that edge does add to the excitement brewing. Someone may think that they have you cornered, and it's possible you feel unnecessary guilt. This is one of the tricks of The Devil. You may feel like doing a disappearing act to save the day, but keeping a low profile, for the time being, is all that is necessary.

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Tuesday, November 22 - The Empress

The Empress is born to instill confidence and nurture others. She spends her time mothering and on Tuesday you could see another side to this figure of protection. Underneath a peaceful exterior, there is energy, intensity, and a powerful will that energizes those who cross her path.

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Wednesday, November 23 - Death

Death can signal the end of an era and prepare for a new opportunity. Wednesday, in one brief moment, a new vision appears before your eyes or as a flash of intuition. Like the symbol of Death itself, the phoenix rises from the ashes and signals crossing into another phase.

Thursday, November 24 - The High Priestess

It could be you are not ready for change and Thursday your powerful connection with an inner knowing bears witness to that truth. Those around you wonder at the secret knowledge you seemingly possess, but it comes from a lifetime of listening to your own inner voice just as does the High Priestess.

Friday, November 25 - The Hanged Man

Friday you may want to lay low. Like The Hanged Man you know that new data and a fresh start are needed. There is a temporary lull in your life and there is an inner voice nudging you that something big is coming. Although you seem passive to the outside world, your inner self is ready and waiting for the right moment.

Saturday, November 26 - The Magician

Have you learned to trust your hunches? On Saturday you may have a strong hunch about an issue that has been nagging at you for some time. Those messages that are found in hundreds of little twists of fate come with the respect of The Magician. When you are looking for an answer, it appears as if by magic.

Sunday, November 27 - Temperance

On Sunday, the traditional day of rest, Temperance reminds you that there are times when one has taken on more than they feel they can handle. This is the day of renewal but you must remember to approach your workload realistically as too often you can be overzealous in measuring your own limits, says the goddess of moderation.

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