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Tarot Card Cleansing Prayer

Tarot cleansing prayers are a great way to clear the energy from your cards and crystals. They can also be used to clear your deck of negative energy or to heal yourself during a reading.

It’s a good idea to get rid of the negative energies in a new tarot deck for a more accurate reading as well.

The first thing you do when cleansing your cards is to gather them together. You can do this in a large pile on the table or separate them into piles by suit or color if you have more than one deck.

(Most of these techniques work with an oracle deck as well, so don’t forget to cleanse your oracle cards!)

What is a Tarot Cleansing Prayer?

Prayers are used to cleanse your tarot deck in between each tarot reading to promote a positive flow of energy that will allow you to receive messages from the divine.

The cleansing process can take as little as five minutes and can be done using sage or incense or by burning incense at specific times during the day.

Why should we cleanse our Tarot cards?

Your Tarot cards are an energy tool, and when you first purchase your cards, they are full of the creator’s loving energy. But as you work with your Tarot deck, it may gain the energy of others during readings.

By cleansing your cards from time to time, you will ensure that the only energies contained within them come from yourself and your Spirit. Being mindful about keeping