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Soul Healing Tarot Spread

Most of us are on a journey to better ourselves in one way or another. For some, it’s a physical aspect, like weight loss and for others, it’s finding deeper meaning in our lives and finding our true path.

This spread will help you dig deeper and see what part of your soul needs to be healed and how to heal it. it can be done at any time, but just make sure that you take action on the part that needs healing before doing another spread.

Pull the Seer/ High Priestess out of your deck and lay it in front of you. Focus and meditate on the Seer/High Priestess and shuffle the cards. Ask ‘how can I heal my soul?’ as you shuffle. When the time feels right, lay out the cards as above.

Card Positions

1. Your Current Situation: This is how you are doing at the moment without healing. This is showing you how your soul is crying out for help and what it is manifesting as.

2. What part of your soul needs healing: This card will show you what part of your soul needs the most help at the moment. It will show you what it is you need to work on making better. 3. How you can heal your soul: This card indicates the area that you need to work on in order to heal your soul. This will help speed the healing process of card 2.

4. Outcome of your soul healing: This card shows how you will feel after you have healed this aspect of your soul.

This is not the end of the journey, but the end of this piece of the journey. you will need to remember to spend time making sure that your soul is happy and does not need healing frequently. When you feel your soul needs healing, come back to this spread and repeat it.