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Reiki Prayers For Instant Healing, Protection

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Reiki has been one of the most magical tools I have ever encountered to heal my body. Reiki Prayers is one of the most accessible and powerful sentences one can affirm in the morning.

There are many ways to access universal energy and use it in your day-to-day life.

Yes, you can use it for your Better performance and, most importantly, to guide you to walk in the right direction.

However, To become an energy healer or gain a stronger connection with energy, much-needed quality is pure intention.

Pure intention requires many Rituals to perform and the proper knowledge, including a willingness to face challenges.

Before Jumping to the Different Reiki Prayers, let’s understand what Reiki is and Who is Reiki Master.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a word that derives from the Japanese Language, including two terms, Rei and Ki. Rei means Universal, and Ki means life force energy that flows through every living being.

In other words, Reiki means the vital life force energy that keeps us all alive. Every living being receives this energy naturally while sleeping.

Reiki doesn’t belong to any specific religion or any community. Anyone willing to walk on a spiritual path and wants to experience Reiki can learn it.

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Who is a Reiki Master?

Any age group can learn Reiki and heal themselves or gain more focus and clear their mind. There are three levels of Reiki that helps to grow step by step.

A Reiki master is someone who has completed all the levels and practices of Reiki regularly.

After the first level of attunement, the student needs to perform 21 days Ritual known as Sadhna without any pause.

Similarly, the second and third level sadhana has to be performed. All it takes to become a Reiki master is regular practice and Rituals.

What is Reiki Healing?

Like any medical treatment to heal a disease, Reiki healing is an alternative therapy using Life force energy.

A reiki master, by using his palm, passes Reiki to the patient s body after doing Reiki Prayers.

The healing hand is not enough to heal someone, but they use various prayers to heal different issues. Let’s see Reiki Prayers for Various occasions.

Let's explore All the reiki prayer list that every healer or reiki practitioner use in the process.

The first and most popular Reiki Prayer every Reiki Master performs every morning is about Just for Today.


What are the 5 Reiki principles?

In order for to Reiki chose you to become its source, It’s essential to follow Reiki principles on a daily basis. Reiki principles are also considered daily prayers.

Here are 5 Reiki principles that every Energy healer follows and connects deeply with life force energy.


1- Reiki Prayer Just for Today

Most people are constantly worried about the unknown future or past; forgetting Today is all they have got. Reiki Prayers about Just for Today is a First reminder that prepares us to live in the present happily and peacefully.

Just for Today is Reiki's daily prayer that tells us not to anger, worry, or become stressed but just for Today, Be happy and peaceful.

These 5 Daily Prayers are widely known as Reiki Principles as well.

Just for today, I am mindful!

Just for today, I am peaceful

Just for today, I am grateful

Just for today, I am honest

Just for today, I am kind.

Reiki Opening Prayers/ Reiki Prayer Request

Before any Reiki Session, Whether for self-healing or other, I perform this Opening Reiki Prayer. It helps to activate Reiki in my palm and guides me to channel accordingly.

Despite Reiki having its Intelligence, it is crucial to ask Reiki to heal particular life areas or bodies.

Thank you Master Usui for developing the system of reiki from which my practice originated.

Thank you madam Takhata for spreading the system Worldwide!

Thank you my Guruji and all other masters, for sharing your wisdom.

I invite my ascendant Masters, my spirit guides, and any other angels, who wish to join me in this work. I ask you to guide me and help me to channel healing energy for the highest god.

Reiki Prayer of Protection

One of the best use of Reiki is to protect your family and yourself from evil eyes and other negative energies.

Many times, suffering is caused by some evil soul or negativity surrounding our home or family. Most importantly, we don’t even realize the origin of this suffering. In the end, we blame each other and create more conflicts and chaos in life.

If there are conflicts and you feel the negativity around your family and loved ones, perform Reiki prayers every day and see the miraculous change.

I cal on your presence in Unconditional Love and Light.

Please shelter and assist my family and me

Prove u peace and happiness within our spirits that

Cleanse and protect our soul from any evil source

Guide us to walk on the right path, and stay together closed

Tightly in Love and Harmony surrounded.

I ask you to hear my prayer

Many healers, unlike me, are empaths who I am sure to get affected by others' energy. Earlier, after the healing session, I use to feel very drained and irritated. I asked my Teacher for a reason and realized I was not using protection while healing others.

Empath healer needs to perform protection prayer and create a protection aura using Reiki symbols before the beginning healing session.

I know to ask to be surrounded by Divine Reiki

With my guide Spirits, Angels, and all My Masters

With all the other powers

Who can most protect me now?

Surround, guide, and protect me fully, and entirely with Divine White Light.

Reiki Prayers for Healing

Before Starting your healing sessions, Every Reiki master Performs these Reiki Prayers to request a higher source to come and heal the patients. Below is how I Perform my Reiki Prayers for Healing before my sessions.

In order to heal someone, we healers ask Reiki to flow through our palm and heal the person. In other words, we use various prayers before starting the sessions. Let’s see what to say before giving Reiki to the patients.

While Praying, your intention meets the energy level and helps in activating Reiki in your healing hand.

When Healing is done: Thank you, divine source, for raising my vibrations, thank you for awakening me, thank you for healing John and me, thank you for protecting and assisting me at every step.

5- Reiki Prayers and Blessings

Reiki, The universal Energy, helps heal the mind and body soul and fulfill all your desires if you can match its frequency.

To reach and match its frequency, keep this prayer in mind and affirm morning and evening daily. Make this affirmation your daily rituals for 21 days and experience the miraculous change in life.

Importance of Reiki Prayers and Intentions

When you become eligible to access Reiki and use it in your day-to-day life or healing sessions, Reiki Prayers and your intentions become more critical to perform.

Performing Reiki Prayers daily helps in grounding and guiding you to schedule your day accordingly. Setting your right intentions to perform your daily activity or Healing sessions allows you to grow spiritually.

When you perform any task or Reiki Prayers with a Clear and pure Intention, it enhances your energy power and makes you eligible to Surmise Important and essential things.

Reiki Prayer of Intention

“Devine Reiki, Clear my mind and let my mind become pure, loving, focused, and Pure. Clear all the left and unnoticed clutter that block the receiving. Let my intention lead to the pure thought that matches you and heal every tiny part of my body.”