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Reiki Healing Tarot Spread

The Reiki Healing Tarot Spread can be used for guidance at the start of each day. Use it to check in and calibrate your energy. Journal your insights. I recommend using it directly before or after your daily self-healing practice. Experiment and see which order works best for you.

This Tarot spread uses the four traditional Reiki symbols as the positional meanings:

  1. Cho Ku Rei for how to best nurture the ability to channel life force energy

  2. Sei He Ki for how to enhance mental-emotional balance and harmony

  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen for how to transcend the limitations of the time-space continuum

  4. Dai Ko Myo for self-mastery on your journey of enlightenment. This final card ties the meanings of all four cars together and creates a central theme for the day.

Doing this Reiki Healing Tarot Spread daily will help you to quickly learn and embody the symbols if you are new to Reiki. Once you embody the symbols, you are better able to work with them intuitively and may no longer need to physically draw them/call them in.

It’s important to understand that each of these symbols can be used on many levels, from the physical to the esoteric. Deepening your understanding of the more subtle meanings will take time. It will also demand you to actively engage with the symbols. Performing this reading daily will most certainly help with the engagement part.

Reiki, Tarot, and Angels

Those of you who like to invoke the angels for either Reiki or your Tarot readings can absolutely do so when using this Tarot Spread. Of course, this part is entirely optional and I realize that Angels do not resonate with everyone. Nor do you need to work with Angels in order to channel Reiki. Feel free to skip this part if you want to just connect with the symbols directly.

I recently studied an Angel Reiki system channeled by Danny Currincks. In this system, each of the symbols corresponds with one of the four main Archangels:

  1. Cho Ko Rei, the Power Symbol, corresponds with Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel’s name means the ‘Power/Strength of God.’ This adds a further layer of meaning as Gabriel also helps purify our lives and catalyzes alignment with our life purpose. Visualize the symbol in a brilliant white light.

  2. Sei He Ki is associated with Archangel Raphael, the Healer/Magician angel whose name means ‘God Has Healed.’ Archangel Raphael’s symbol should be visualized in the emerald green of the heart chakra. He can help us clear toxic influences and heal on any level of our being.

  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is the symbol corresponding to Archangel Uriel. Uriel’s name means ‘Light of God.’ He represents the timeless connection to the eternal love and wisdom of the Divine. According to Currincks, the symbol color is gold. However, ruby red, flecked with purple and gold is also appropriate since these are traditional color correspondences for Uriel. His gifts are wisdom and prophetic ability.

  4. Dai Ko Myo corresponds with Archangel Michael. Draw the symbol in electric blue light to invoke Michael. This angel fiercely protects all those who serve Divine Love and Wisdom. He helps clear any negative influences from our path so that we can achieve self-mastery. This self-mastery allows us to serve at the highest level possible.

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