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Reiki Chi Ball: How To Make & Receive Healing Energies

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Reiki Chi Ball is one of the most popular tools to send healing energies with the intention to a specific person, a group, past or future incidents, or a situation. In short, you can make Reiki Chi Ball for every possible situation.

Reiki Chi Ball is not from a traditional Reiki but due to its effectiveness and eases to send healing energies it has become a vital tool in distant healing.

Generally speaking, Reiki Masters make Reiki Chi Ball for different purposes but anyone can make Chi Ball and send their positive thoughts, affirmations, and intention through Chi Ball.

“Chi” is a Chinese word that means vital force energy, known as “Prana” in Sanskrit and Bio-plasmic energy in Russian. So it is made up of Universal Energy which is present in all of us and anyone can make Chi Ball.

But when you are a Reiki Channel or energy healer, you have far more tools that can be added in a Chi Ball to increase its effectiveness.

What Is A Chi Ball?

As I mentioned above Chi Ball is an energy circle or orb made up of higher energies to send different healings, empowerment, and attunements.

You can also ask higher energies to bless Chi Ball for instance Archangels, and Reiki Master Teachers like Mikao Usui.