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Reiki Box for Beginners and Masters

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Reiki is infinite in nature. It has no limits. It is intelligent and all-loving. It is healing and nourishing. And it is undoubtedly magical! From a human perspective, the ability to consciously feel and channel healing energy through our palms is nothing short of a miracle.

Reiki box is a tool that can help us concentrate this infinite reservoir of energy in a defined space in order to achieve a specific purpose. From a higher perspective, just tuning into the infinite intelligence of Reiki is sufficient to manifest everything that we need for our mission on Earth. But since we are humans, we often find it easier to work in more concrete ways. Working with a Reiki box helps us achieve just that.

A Reiki box can help with healing as well as manifestation.

Reiki Box for Beginners

  1. Choose a simple box made of eco-friendly material.

  2. Cleanse your box before doing anything further. We want the box to house only the highest of energies.

  3. Draw the power symbol on the base and walls of the box. Also, draw it on the lid. If you are attuned to the Master symbol, draw that as well.

  4. Place the box between your palms and run Reiki into the box. If you are a Level 1 practitioner, you can skip step 3 and move straight to step four.

  5. Now work on preparing the intention slips that will go into the box. These slips are small pieces of paper that will contain a brief description of your deepest desires/healing requests.

  1. Write one intention on each slip. I like to write my intentions by thanking the Universe or Reiki for already manifested desires. For example, “Thank you Reiki/Universe for the abundance of love in my life.” or “Thank you Universe for my job that brings me peace, contentment, blessings, and financial abundance.” You may also write intentions for healing such as “Thank you Reiki for helping me heal and release this traumatic memory from my past.”

2. It is good to write intentions in the present tense as they have already manifested. This is because anything we desire is already present as a possibility. It is just a matter of attracting the best possible outcome in the perfect time. So, writing in the present tense affirms that we trust in the abundant nature of the Universe to support our needs. It is also good to keep intentions general and to avoid including too many details. Reiki being intelligent energy knows exactly how and when to assist us, often exceeding our expectations.

  1. Write out as many intention slips as you wish to. Draw the symbols on the slips. Put the slips into the box and close it.

  2. Place the box between your palms and run Reiki into it for a couple of minutes every day. Thereafter, keep it in a safe place that is clean and private.

  3. You may also place suitable crystals/ crystals angels inside the Reiki box for an added dash of positive energy.

  4. Check your intention slips every couple of months to track your journey. How many of your desires have manifested? How many have shifted? What about your requests for healing? Has there been any progress with it? Assess each slip carefully. With an attitude of gratitude, discard the slips whose purpose is served. You may want to reword some of your other intentions, do away with some or keep some as they are. Trust your intuition and do what feels right.

  5. Continue to work with your Reiki box as you did previously.

For Reiki Masters and Experienced Energy Workers

If you are a long-time Reiki practitioner and especially if you’ve been attuned to the Master Degree for some time, you can work with the box differently. You may just visualize your desires as forms of energy and see them floating into the box from your Third Eye chakra.

Draw one large Master Symbol over the box every day and intend that your box is blessed by Reiki. If you are very regular with Reiki practice, just this small act of drawing the Master Symbol will be enough to have your box charged with Reiki. The box will house your intentions just like it stores the slips of paper. So, get creative and experiment with different ways of working with a Reiki box.

Keep in mind that a Reiki box serves as a medium to help concentrate the flow of Reiki for a specific purpose. So, let us use it with an attitude of gratitude towards Reiki for the manifold blessings it brings into our lives!

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