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Reiki Box for Beginners and Masters

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Reiki is infinite in nature. It has no limits. It is intelligent and all-loving. It is healing and nourishing. And it is undoubtedly magical! From a human perspective, the ability to consciously feel and channel healing energy through our palms is nothing short of a miracle.

Reiki box is a tool that can help us concentrate this infinite reservoir of energy in a defined space in order to achieve a specific purpose. From a higher perspective, just tuning into the infinite intelligence of Reiki is sufficient to manifest everything that we need for our mission on Earth. But since we are humans, we often find it easier to work in more concrete ways. Working with a Reiki box helps us achieve just that.

A Reiki box can help with healing as well as manifestation.

Reiki Box for Beginners

  1. Choose a simple box made of eco-friendly material.

  2. Cleanse your box before doing anything further. We want the box to house only the highest of energies.

  3. Draw the power symbol on the base and walls of the box. Also, draw it on the lid. If you are attuned to the Master symbol, draw that as well.

  4. Place the box between your palms and run Reiki into the box. If you are a Level 1 practitioner, you can skip step 3 and move straight to step four.

  5. Now work on preparing the intention slips that will go into the box. These slips are small pieces of paper that will contain a brief description of your deepest desires/healing requests.