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Protection Bubble Meditation

Although it’s been close to 10 years since I started my spiritual journey, seeing myself protected in a bubble of light is one of those skills that I still use pretty regularly.

I use it as part of all my private healing sessions, too.

Learning how to protect my energy via a bubble of light was one of the very first spiritual skills I learned on this journey - before I even learned how to meditate or visualize at all!

So, even if your visualization skills are lacking, this is something you can do and definitely a skill to master and learn if you’re going to be traveling down a spiritual path at all, or if you’re simply a sensitive person energetically who needs a little extra help.

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How often do you shower and cleanse your physical body of all the environmental pollutants, dirt, and germs you encounter in a day? Hopefully often.

How often do you protect your skin against cuts, scrapes, and burns? Probably all the time, without thinking about it.

These are things we learn to do to take care of our bodies as part of being human.

Something we generally are not taught growing up is how to care for our energy bodies - how to cleanse them (a post for another day), or how to protect them from getting dirty, scraped, cut, or burned.

When we interact in the world, we are interacting with all sorts of energies - from other people, places, and things.

Do we want to pick all of that up and take it on as our own? NO.

But this is what can happen if we aren’t careful with protecting our energy from everything that is energetically out there.

Are you someone who is rather sensitive? If so, chances are very high that you’re already picking up other people’s energy, and probably don’t want to do be doing as it can be exhausting.

Being an energy sponge can drastically change your mood, and mindset, and can even make you sick. At the very least, you want to be doing some protection on a regular basis to prevent this!

That’s where the energy protection bubble comes in!

I’m going to walk you through a short visualization technique that can help you protect your energy from the energy of others by surrounding it in a protective bubble.

It is so basic that a beginner can do it.

It’s one of the very first things I learned to do energetically to protect myself - before I could even visualize at all. If Sarah as a baby energy healer could do it, you can too.

Let’s begin.

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  1. Give yourself some space to focus If this is your first time, give yourself a few minutes to yourself to focus. You don’t need a whole sacred space, just some quiet space where you can close your eyes.

  2. Quick energy clearing First, we are going to give your energy a quick rinse. The reason is that we want to clear anything away that doesn’t belong in the first place before we lock it in with a bubble of light. With your eyes closed, in the space over your head, imagine a waterfall-like shower of divine healing light running over you, starting at the top of your head, and rinsing over your whole body. As it washes over you, it washes away external energetic instructions, dirt, grime, etc. Once the light shower reaches your feet, imagine a shower drain just underneath you. This drain will allow all the unwanted energy to flow back to the Earth where it is cleansed and transmuted back to light.

  3. First Layer - Golden Light Next, imagine the first layer of your protection bubble. This is a bubble of glittery golden light. Visualize a bubble of warm, healing, golden light forming around you - protection from your Angels. If you’re extra sensitive, it should feel warm and nice, like a hug. Spend some time imagining this bubble completely circulating you, surrounding you on all sides, above your head, and beneath your feet. Then, imagine the golden light bubble filling to surround you with that same warm, glittery, golden healing light. This bubble helps to fortify your own energy field and keep out unwanted intrusive energies. It helps create a strong interior and exterior that is more resilient against intrusions. Imagine the outer edge of the bubble as solid, like thick tempered glass. Your energy is visible to others, but cannot be messed with. Once this bubble is complete and in place, move on to the next step.

  4. Second Layer - The Mirror This step is optional but can add an extra layer of protection, and it’s one I added to my routine not long ago. It’s the mirrored bubble! With your golden bubble in place, in this optional next step, imagine a mirrored bubble coming in to surround you as a final layer. The outer surface is mirrored to deflect energy and return it to the sender! Imagine the mirrored bubble surrounding you on all sides and returning to sender any energy that comes your way. In your mind’s eye, see it as in place around you. Once you’re done, that’s it! Repeat as needed, even if that’s daily! I used to repeat it before any social situation I went into.

  5. (Optional) Repeat for your house or living situation If you’d like to protect your house, simply repeat the process, and instead of imagining the protection bubbles surrounding you, imagine them big enough to surround your house or your apartment. Imagine a golden light bubble around your house, and then, a mirror bubble to deflect energy and return to sender.

This practice is so simple that it’s easy for beginners, and it works for advanced people too! I have been using a variation of this for close to 10 years, and continue to use it on a regular basis for my own protection and for assisting my clients. I hope it helps you!


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