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Protection Bubble Meditation

Although it’s been close to 10 years since I started my spiritual journey, seeing myself protected in a bubble of light is one of those skills that I still use pretty regularly.

I use it as part of all my private healing sessions, too.

Learning how to protect my energy via a bubble of light was one of the very first spiritual skills I learned on this journey - before I even learned how to meditate or visualize at all!

So, even if your visualization skills are lacking, this is something you can do and definitely a skill to master and learn if you’re going to be traveling down a spiritual path at all, or if you’re simply a sensitive person energetically who needs a little extra help.

How To Make Energy Cleansing Spray


How often do you shower and cleanse your physical body of all the environmental pollutants, dirt, and germs you encounter in a day? Hopefully often.

How often do you protect your skin against cuts, scrapes, and burns? Probably all the time, without thinking about it.

These are things we learn to do to take care of our bodies as part of being human.

Something we generally are not taught growing up is how to care for our energy bodies - how to cleanse them (a post for another day), or how to protect them from getting dirty, scraped, cut, or burned.

When we interact in the world, we are interacting with all sorts of energies - from other people, places, and things.