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Prayer to Archangel Zadkiel and the violet flame angels

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

The angelic name „Zadkiel” means “Righteousness of God.” Other spellings of his name include Zadakiel, Zedekiel, Zedekul, TZadkiel or Sachiel. Divine righteousness is the sacred spiritual essence of this magnificent angelic being. When you meditate on the meaning of this Divine quality your mind will automatically come in attunement with the mind of Archangel Zadkiel and he will reveal to you his presence.

Archangel Zadkiel is a great teacher to every soul that is awakened from the lethargy of the mass consciousness and is ready to receive its liberating Truth, the cosmic teaching of Divine Wisdom and Divine Reality from the Mind of God. Archangel Zadkiel invites every spiritual seeker to study the cosmic teachings of Divine Truth in his mystery school located in his etheric retreat above the island of Cuba.

He teaches there how to free themselves from the bondage of the past, how to release and work out the painful experiences of the soul, how to transform negative personal qualities and how to become a master of their own life. Archangel Zadkiel also provides advanced courses for the high spiritual students and adepts of the violet flame which include the cosmic study of miracles and alchemy.

He is also an Archangel who is appointed by God to prepare the souls for the ministerial service as a priest. He gives sufficient spiritual training to the souls who are called by God to enter the mystical order of Melchizedek and become the priests and priestesses of this sacred order forever and ever.

The most important topic of all the spiritual studies in the mystery school of Archangel Zadkiel is the cosmic science of the spoken word and the mystery of the violet flame. Archangel Zadkiel is the angelic Master of Invocation and Holy Prayer. He is the anointed Highest Priest of the Violet Flame and the angelic keeper of this flame in his Tempel of Purification.

Archangel Zadkiel is the „white magician”, the alchemist, the angelic Master of Sacred Science of transmutation between the 7 Archangels. He is a very powerful and majestic angelic being who daily creates miracles by using the Divine power of the Violet Flame. It is a great cosmic honor to become one of his students and to follow the spiritual path of personal Christhood under his loving guidance.

Call to the heart of Archangel Zadkiel today and ask him to take you in your spiritual body to his mystery school at night. Start your spiritual exercises with the mantras and affirmations to the violet flame and know that the very special violet flame angels from Archangel Zadkiel’s bands will take care of your day and night and will assist you in your personal spiritual progress.

I AM freedom from all my human limitations I AM freedom from all my fears I AM freedom from all my worries and overconcern I AM Divine Freedom in manifestation I AM filled with happiness, mercy, forgiveness, and joy I AM the awareness of the violet flame which is able by the power of God to transmute all shadowed substance into the purity of the Great Cosmic Light here, now, and forever. Amen.

The Violet Flame

The violet flame is a miracle of God that helps everyone to purify all kinds of stagnated, misqualified, dark energy and turn it into the sparkling Light. This high-frequency spiritual flame easily penetrates the energy of the lower vibration, then accelerates the vibration of the atoms and brings the damaged energy field to a higher level of existence.

The violet flame can help us with all concerns we face each day: material, emotional, mental, and spiritual. The violet flame energy can be directed into disease, stress, relationships, or any undesirable condition. The resolution of all kinds of problems comes much easier and faster when we direct the spiritual violet flame into the situation we desire to change.

The energy frequency of the violet light is the closest in vibration to the components of matter. The violet flame can fuse with all molecules or molecular structures, any particle of matter known or unknown, and any wave of light, electrons, and electricity.

The violet flame works as a cosmic eraser or a cosmic transformer that purifies any emotional, mental and physical substance by penetrating it and by changing this specific energy frequency into the highest vibration of the Divine Light. It brings every cell, every molecule, and every atom in attunement with the Divine matrix of perfection – the original blueprint for every form of creation – animated or not animated.

Every soul has access to the Universal violet flame burning in the heart of our God I AM THAT I AM. This spiritual flame is also burning unceasingly upon the altar of Archangel Zadkiel in his Temple of Purification in his enteric retreat.

Close your eyes now for a moment and visualize this huge violet fire dancing at the center in the most beautiful cathedral of light. Make an inner connection with this gigantic violet flame of Archangel Zadkiel and see yourself standing in this cold refreshing spiritual flame. Say the following mantra with all the love that you carry in your heart and give the violet flame your permission to penetrate your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts, and your soul. Repeat the violet flame mantra during 10-15 minutes every day. It will give you a very uplifting sensation and will bring you ( after some days and weeks of practicing) to the point of complete soul liberation from pain, worries, problems, and lack of love, happiness, and abundance.

Violet Fire, thou Love Divine, Blaze within this heart of mine! Thou art Mercy forever true, Keep me always in tune with you. I AM light, thou Christ in me, Set my mind forever free; Violet Fire forever shine Deep within this mind of mine. God who gives my daily bread, With violet, fire fill my head Till thy radiance heavenlike Makes my mind a mind of Light. I AM the hand of God in action, Gaining Victory every day; My pure soul’s great satisfaction Is to walk the Middle Way.

Prayer to Archangel Zadkiel and the violet flame angels

In the name of our Lord, I AM THAT I AM I call to the heart of beloved Archangel Zadkiel to open the floodgates of heaven and cover the earth with oceans of the violet transmuting flame.

Let myriads of angels of the violet flame descend to us now and bring liberation to all children of God from all addictions, from all negative thoughts and feelings, and all energies less than the Cosmic Christ's perfection. Purify us now with the freeing power of the violet flame!

Release the intense fiery radiation from the etheric retreat of Archangel Zadkiel today and let the violet light consume all spirals of destruction on our planet! Transmute all physical, emotional, mental, and psychic pollution on our planetary home and cleanse the earth, the waters and the air with the violet radiance from the heart of Archangel Zadkiel and his beloved Archea Holy Amethyst.
May the violet flame angels fill mankind with Divine thoughts and feelings and accelerate the consciousness of people to the highest vibration of the Mind of God. May the Golden Age of Aquarius become a tangible reality in our world today so that every soul will be lifted up in personal vibration and enter the age of personal Christhood.

Blessed Zadkiel, ignite the cosmic flame of Liberty in every heart today. May all nations be filled with the joy of true Freedom and may our earth become a brilliant Freedom Star!

The etheric retreat of Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel’s etheric retreat is found over the islands of Cuba. The spiritual core of his retreat is the Temple of Purification. This retreat was physical before the sinking of Atlantis. Here, students can receive the alchemical training of ancient priests and priestesses known as the Order of Melchizedek. The Temple of Purification releases the violet flame of freedom, forgiveness, and transmutation to the planet, from a central temple and six minor temples. The central temple is around an edifice with a gold dome where the violet flame of freedom blazes, midst amethyst crystals. Archangel Zadkiel invites students to come to the Temple of Purification to learn the true meaning of spiritual freedom.
In the name of the Christ, My Own Real Self, I call to the Heart of my Mighty I AM Presence and to Beloved Archangel Michael to take me to the Temple of Purification over the island of Cuba and I ask to receive the instruction upon the law of freedom and to be given the formula for the victory of the flame of freedom within my heart and seat-of-the-soul chakra, especially as it pertains to the gifts of prophecy.
Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, help me to remember upon awakening all that will help me to fulfill my mission on earth and the mission of my twin flame. I accept this call manifested through the power of Christ and am thankful for its realization. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Divine Mother, Amen.

The angelic message of Archangel Zadkiel

My blessed friend of light,

May the violet waters of immortal life wash your soul clean again. Forget your past, my dear friend. Forget your sorrow. Forget the failures of your soul. May the waterfalls of the never-ending violet flowing light descend and purge you with the ultimate joy of God again and again. I am the liquid violet light manifesting itself in the purest angelic form. I am an Archangel that brings Divine resolution to all your problems through the cosmic magic of the violet flame. I am a Divine angelic intercessor between you and your returning karma. I stand between your perfect and all-powerful Divine Self and your limited and controversial human self manifesting the true cosmic power of Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Joy, and Miracles of transmutation in your world.

Zadkiel is my name, beloved child of God. I am Zadkiel, the Archangel of the violet ray born eons ago from the fiery seed of Ultimate Freedom in the heart of our Lord. I am the purging Freedom’s fire of our God in action. I am here to liberate your soul from the heavy burdens of self-condemnation, self-denial, self-criticism, and self-punishment. I am here, my dear friend, and where I am are my angels also. We are ready to cleanse you and to free you from everything less than the Cosmic Christ Perfection. Open your heart, open your mind, open your chakras to our purifying presence and let us enter every cell of your own world not tomorrow, not in the near future, but right now today.

May the violet flame descend in mighty cosmic spirals into your physical and spiritual being today. May the violet ray expand and purify every organ of your physical body now. May the crystal essence of the violet light cleanse your thoughts and emotions and remove all the burdens from your past. Be free, my child, be joyful and happy with your life. This is why you are here: to live your life with the ultimate sense of joy, freedom, and self-satisfaction.

Never forget that the key to true happiness lies in the upliftment of your soul from the errors of the past. I hold this key in my hands today and this key is nothing more than the sacred essence of the violet flame.

The miracles of the violet transmuting light are waiting for your improvement, beloved child of God. I come to you today to encourage you to start a new cycle of self-forgiveness and self-purification in your life. I am here to teach you how to purify and liberate yourself from the records of sin and errors of your past. Remove your heavy burdens of misdeeds by meditating on the sparkling and dancing violet flame all around you.

Daily take time for your devotion to the magnificent violet flame burning in my heart and in the heart of our precious Lord I AM THAT I AM. Say the following magic words 33 times when you place your hands upon your chest and visualize the violet fire blazing in your own heart chakra:

O Violet flame, O Violet flame, O Violet flame! In the name of God, In the name of God, In the name of God! O Violet flame, O Violet flame, O Violet flame! Flood the world and flood the world and flood the world! In the I AM name, in the I AM name, in the I AM name!

Feel the pulsation of the violet ray in your heart and in your whole body. Be totally aware, beloved friend, of the presence of my violet angels of mercy and freedom every time when you give this mantra of the violet flame. You may also use my name for the reinforcement of the cosmic flow of freedom, justice, and forgiveness into your world:

Blessed Archangel Zadkiel, I call to your magnanimous heart and I ask you to reinforce the flow of the violet light into my world today. May your angelic Power of Freedom liberate my soul today from all errors of the past and from my inner sense of self-condemnation, self-judgment, and self-punishment. Help me to become completely free from all vibrations less than the Cosmic Christ Perfection. I am born to be free. I am born to be happy and I am here to fulfill my fiery destiny with joy and grace! Amen.

O blessed Violet Flame, go forth! O blessed Violet Flame, now free! O blessed Violet Flame, go forth! Help all mankind to see That God Himself directs the Flame; It everywhere ascends. The souls of men by grace are free. His Cosmic Mind will send The glory of His Cosmic Grace, The power of Truth made free, the power of Light that makes the soul To breath the air that He, the Cosmic Christ, did send.

There is no one in heaven among the angelic and cosmic beings who will ever condemn you for the wrong choices you have made on our Path. You and not God are your greatest judge, my blessed friend. It is your own sense of self-condemnation that blocks your infinite joy and freedom more than anything else from the outside world.

Dear child of God, please always remember that our Lord has sent you to this planet earth for a very special purpose. And this purpose is to discover by yourself who you really are. You were never asked by God to be perfect in the human sense but only to be real. Our Lord is longing to see you walking your Path with the complete awareness of who you really are: the Christ child of flesh and blood with an infinite Divine potential of becoming a King of this Universe, moving through the limitations of matter and knowing the impermanent nature of human longings, human thoughts, and human emotions.

There is no such a thing as human perfection, a blessed child of God. Do not lose your time in vain in striving to reach this human goal. You must know that true perfection is the Divine sign of Christ that is real in you. Be real then, the blessed soul of light! Strive to live your life as the Christed One but never forget that you are dealing daily with your own human creation that is impermanent and never perfect. Call to the heart of our Lord I AM THAT I AM to release the Cosmic Christ perfection into your world today and know that when the Christ in you will finally take full command over your human mind, human thoughts, human emotions, and deeds, you will become a master of your own human creation and at this sacred moment you will automatically become a pure vessel of Divine perfection of our Lord.

My blessed child, I leave you now with these words of cosmic wisdom and encouragement:

There is a fire burning within your heart that is nothing else than the living God in manifestation. God in you is worthy to be free from all human things that are not Divine by nature. God in you has all the power to purify Himself from anything that is less than the Cosmic Christ Perfection. God in you is able to restore the original purity of your soul. There are no faults, my child, that could not be forgiven. Use the violet flame daily and know that forgiveness takes place every time when you place your attention upon this miraculous cosmic ray – the Violet Ray of Freedom, Justice, Mercy, Joy, and transmutation. The past is gone, my friend, with every breath that is truly filled with the violet flame. This is a cosmic miracle, the most precious gift of our Father-Mother God to all their children and this is the greatest key to your ultimate soul liberation in this life. USE IT!

Breath of God inside each cell I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Pulsing out the cosmic time I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Energizing mind and heart I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Sustaining God’s creation now I AM THE VIOLET FLAME WITH ALL LOVE, WITH ALL LOVE, WITH ALL LOVE Shimmering in a crystal cave I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Searching out all hidden pain I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Consuming cause and core of fear I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Revealing now the inner name I AM THE VIOLET FLAME WITH ALL PEACE, WITH ALL PEACE, WITH ALL PEACE Flashing like a lightning bolt I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Stretching through the galaxies I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Connecting Soul and Spirit now I AM THE VIOLET FLAME Raising you to cosmic heights I AM THE VIOLET FLAME WITH ALL POWER, WITH ALL POWER, WITH ALL POWER.

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