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Updated: Nov 27, 2022

For all the differences among the paths leading to spiritual evolution, among the various religions, spiritual organizations, prayer techniques, and spiritual disciplines, there is one constant. It all takes place inside of us. And amazingly, our spiritual anatomy is the same. We have the same number of chakras. The spiritual abilities of which we are capable are the same in number and attribute, even if there is variation in our karma. For those of us who feel a deep dedication to the spiritually oriented life, the task becomes one of finding the right instrument. Having found what we are looking for requires practice and diligence. Many of us want to manifest positive aspects into our life. Many people do not realize how powerful Reiki, Prayer/Mantra, Intention can be without being. Many say they are not able to manifest what they desire. This blog post is a way to create a box infused with Reiki or with intention and prayers/mantras.

The first step is to pick out any kind of box (wood, paper, plastic, glass, and stone) that appeals to you. The size will depend on what you intend to put in the box. Personalize your box by decorating it and making it beautiful. Get creative! You can paint, draw or add stickers, glitter, and images from magazines. Have fun with it! Consider lining your box with something (herbs, cloth, incense, stones/crystals).

If you are Reiki trained be sure to invoke your Reiki and psychically draw the symbols on your box or trace your symbols energetically onto your box. Find and keep it in a safe place.