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Updated: Nov 27, 2022

For all the differences among the paths leading to spiritual evolution, among the various religions, spiritual organizations, prayer techniques, and spiritual disciplines, there is one constant. It all takes place inside of us. And amazingly, our spiritual anatomy is the same. We have the same number of chakras. The spiritual abilities of which we are capable are the same in number and attribute, even if there is variation in our karma. For those of us who feel a deep dedication to the spiritually oriented life, the task becomes one of finding the right instrument. Having found what we are looking for requires practice and diligence. Many of us want to manifest positive aspects into our life. Many people do not realize how powerful Reiki, Prayer/Mantra, Intention can be without being. Many say they are not able to manifest what they desire. This blog post is a way to create a box infused with Reiki or with intention and prayers/mantras.

The first step is to pick out any kind of box (wood, paper, plastic, glass, and stone) that appeals to you. The size will depend on what you intend to put in the box. Personalize your box by decorating it and making it beautiful. Get creative! You can paint, draw or add stickers, glitter, and images from magazines. Have fun with it! Consider lining your box with something (herbs, cloth, incense, stones/crystals).

If you are Reiki trained be sure to invoke your Reiki and psychically draw the symbols on your box or trace your symbols energetically onto your box. Find and keep it in a safe place.

The second step is to create intention slips of paper which will be kept inbox. Photographs are a great way to enhance your box. Personal trinkets, jewelry, and talismans that you’d like charged. Keep it concise and simple. Don’t use punctuation marks in it. Use a direct and simple sentence. Be sure you’re not putting too much information on your intention slips. Make sure your intention is clear; if your intention is not specified then it will be hard to manifest your intentions. For this box, you want to do just a few manifesting goals at a time. In the meantime, as you discover other aspects and goals you would like to manifest keep the ideas in a journal book so once you achieve each item and goal you can add a new one. Always best to not overwhelm yourself or the Universe.

For healing or to attract something in the present, you can write down what you are looking to bring into your life. To help you manifest personal items and healing for future events such as a job interview, performance, challenging situation, a vacation. Some other items and suggestions to consider adding to your box would be to add something personal from the past that allowed you to heal and move on. This could be a memory from childhood, a painful relationship, a loss of a friendship, dealing with trauma, exhaustion, or maybe the part of you that feels anxious or afraid.

It is important to remember that your intentions prayers and Reiki cannot change or determine the future but it accompanies our positive intentions for our highest good. When we offer Reiki to a future situation we are asking that situation to be receptive to the benefits of Reiki. Send a positive message to any part of yourself that needs your help because you have been strong and not able to handle tending to that portion of your life.

If you are Reiki trained draw the symbols on the back of your intention slips to enhance your manifesting goals. If you are not Reiki trained create a simple yet concise prayer or if you would like to use pre-written prayers found on the internet or in books of your choosing. You may also draw symbolic symbols on your slips such as goddess spirals, religious and non-religious symbols, and anything that empowers you.

Now that you have the tools to create and manifest it’s time to put it into action. This box is not something you can set it and forget it. It does require some attention depending on how big or how small your request is.

With a small amount of initial discipline, you can create a new habit that requires little effort to maintain, meaning if you make it part of a routine on a daily or weekly basis it becomes effective.

Here are some tips to help you achieve a successful Intention-Prayer- Reiki box.

1. Consistency is important if you want to make a habit stick. If you want to start something you must commit to doing it every day for at least 21 to 10 days versus going a couple of times a week this would make it harder to make it a habit. Psychology says activities you do once every few days are trickier to lock in as habits.

2. Don’t try to completely change your life in one day, especially if your personality would like it done yesterday, it’s just plain out overwhelming. It is easy to get over-motivated and take on too much. Making it a habit first allows it to become a daily routine.

3. Around two weeks into your commitment it can be easy to forget. Place reminders in obvious places so that you execute your habit each day or you will miss a few days. If you miss time it defeats the purpose of setting a habit, to begin with. If you actually do miss a day or two, be sure to get right back to it.

4. Don’t expect all your attempts to change habits to be successful immediately. Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day. It is important for you to get right back to it.

For smaller goals to manifest your intentions is 3 weeks, (21 days). For larger goals to manifest your intention is five to six weeks, (40 days) this is the time you need to make a habit automatic. If you can make it through either initial conditioning phase, it becomes much easier to sustain. This is a good block of time to commit to a change since it easily fits in your calendar. It is important to remember: if you are in the midst of your discipline and the telephone dings, rings, bings, do not answer it. Even healthier would be to put your phone on silent for a few minutes I promise whatever the phone is alerting you to can wait for 5 or so minutes.

One last thing that should be addressed is how long will it take for things to be granted and although there is a time period outlined above there is no certain answer for this question. There is never a guarantee that what we ask for will be fulfilled. But what is certain is that when you bring this energy into your life you are connecting to the Universal Life Force Energy from the spiritual plane.

With the power of manifesting and allowing the Universe in the universal rule is our prayers get answered, but maybe not the way you asked for them to be answered. It is a true thought that your higher power knows what’s best for you. We flow the energy with our mind, body, and soul and allow the roots of what no longer serve us to be let go. But sometimes our wishes do not happen because there are old, emotional blockages preventing a result, or that area has not yet been fully healed. So therefore the Universe knows, in its own wise way, that you are not ready for this wish or manifestation to come to fruition. But that okay! Take advantage to officially release which is a benefit all on its own. Then there are scenarios, lessons, that teach us determination, patience, to be stronger than we really think we are and that a little more time is needed.

Keep in mind that when wishes involve other people; remember they too have choices to make in their lives. Your wish may, or may not, be part of what their spirit needs or wants at this time. So for example when wishing for the love of your life to marry you and the partner hasn’t come around to the idea that possibly you are the love of their life and want to marry you this manifestation may not go according to plan. So in place of asking the specific partner for that wish allow the Universe to guide you and a partner together and it can happen!

An Effective Intention-Prayer-Reiki Box can be used as a wonderful way to energize something. The idea is to create a space that can receive all your requests and supercharge them, to amplify their potential. What is put into your Effective Intention-Prayer-Reiki Box and how it is used differs slightly according to the uniqueness of the practitioner.


  1. Step 1: Get clear on what you want; write it down on individual slips of paper starting with All things considered I am manifesting ______ for my highest wellness & good...

  2. Step 2: Ask the Universe, loved ones, & Angels...

  3. Step 3: each day revive the energy in the box through Prayer and or Reiki, along with any other tools that raise the vibration. Such as stones, the elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire), essential oils, along with anything that you feel raises your request for your highest good...

  4. Step 4: Trust the process...

  5. Step 5: Receive & Acknowledge when your blessings appear...

  6. Step 6: Keep Your Vibration High (eat as clean as possible, drink plenty of water, if reiki trained do Reiki on yourself or schedule your healing sessions regularly, Yoga, Exercise, Meditation, Art and so much more).

  7. Step 7: Clear any and all resistance. Remove all negative thinking, and speaking in your life.

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