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18 Stunning Oracle Decks for Shadow Work

I am an avid collector of oracle decks, especially ones for inner shadow work.

I’m always striving and learning new and unique ways to be the best version of myself.

For the longest time, I felt stuck in my personal growth.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I felt I reached this level of self-development and couldn’t move any deeper.

That is until I started to incorporate oracle cards into my everyday life.

Nowadays, I use oracle cards for deep inner shadow work to guide me into becoming a better version of myself every day.


One of my absolute favorite parts of personal development and self-improvement lies in getting to the deep inner workings of my soul.

When you think of the nighttime, you think of darkness. You think of things that are hidden and not seen.

The moonlight helps shine a light on these gritty inner workings of our thought patterns, decisions, and actions.

Shadow work helps you see the areas of your life that could use some maintenance.

That being said, shadow work and personal growth go hand-in-hand.