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Neville Goddard Isn’t It Wonderful Technique

Neville Goddard’s isn’t it wonderful technique is the ultimate law of attraction meditation for manifesting your desires in a simple and easy-to-follow way.

When many people start with manifestation they have difficulty deciding what exactly it is that they want to manifest and how it can best be achieved.

This actually brings a lot of difficulties.

Everyone knows it’s very difficult to manifest something when you can’t let go of it. If you hold on to the desire you are kept aware of the fact that you don’t yet have it which acts as an echo of your past.

By manifesting broadly using the isn’t it wonderful technique and manifesting affirmations we can circumvent this entire obstacle as we are not holding on to any specific ideas.

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How To Use The Isn’t It Wonderful Technique

First I will explain how to use them isn’t it a wonderful technique before getting into how it works? It’s quite simple really and probably self-explanatory.

Essentially all you have to do is repeat “isn’t it wonderful” in your head like meditation or a mantra.

But it isn’t enough to just repeat the words, you have to feel it, you have to make it real.

How does it feel to be thinking “isn’t it so wonderful!” about something?

You need to own that feeling. It needs to become your reality.

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Why Does The Isn’t It Wonderful Technique Work?

Often when we are manifesting things in our life we focus on the actual objective and what we are trying to manifest.

This isn’t really what you’re supposed to do, at least not if you want it to work. You are supposed to manifest the feeling of having that thing in your life. How would it feel? How would I think? Who would I be around? You should be focusing on the exterior signs that you have your wish fulfilled, not the actual wish itself.

If something tremendous were to happen in your life how you would feel is probably very akin to the isn’t it wonderful mantra. You would think isn’t it wonderful that all these amazing things happen to me? Isn’t it amazing that all my wishes came true?

You would never think isn’t it wonderful if anything negative was happening to your life? Isn’t it wonderful encompasses all positive things?

By manifesting this state into your life you indirectly manifest EVERYTHING that you are looking for. You would only think isn’t it wonderful, if you were in a beautiful state of mind with all your wishes fulfilled?

Isn't it wonderful?
Wow, isn't this amazing?
This is incredible!
Wow, I'm so grateful!

Isn’t It Wonderful Technique
Isn’t It Wonderful Technique

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