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5 Tips for Manifesting a Soulmate

I have manifested a few soulmate relationships in my life. One of them is now my husband and we have been married since 2004. Because I am now in a relationship I have no need to manifest a lover but I have continued to manifest soulmate friends and spiritual teachers.

Here are 5 steps to manifesting your soulmate: (Scroll down for tarot spread!)

Raise Your Vibration

As I mentioned, this means feeling really good! Finding yourself in that blissful state where you see the beauty in everything and feel all warm and fuzzy. If you intellectually think something but don't FEEL it, it won't have the power to manifest itself. If you're having a hard time understanding what this means, spend more time with it. Raising your vibration is the KEY to all manifesting and will be the best (and only) way to utilize the law of attraction. It can be hard to understand at first but read about it, watch some documentaries, listen to Abraham Hicks or others who are on that wave, and start to wrap your head around what the Law of Attraction means to you. Soon you'll be able to FEEL and pinpoint when you're in the Vortex (living from a higher vibration). From then on you can continue to get yourself to that place over and over again. That's the place where the true magic happens. And to be quite honest, entering the Vortex feels better than any earthly relationship or material object.

The task of manifesting becomes more fun than the earthly manifestations. I promise. But if you still want that soulmate to waltz on into your life (which is understandable!) then you can move on to step 2.

Write It Out

Journal about all the deeper qualities you want in your partner.

Sit in meditation, perhaps at a nice full moon or another time you feel a lot of positive energy. Light some candles, play some soothing music and do whatever makes you feel nice and relaxed. Now think about your dream lover, someone that may not even seem possible, and write about the TYPE of relationship you want with this person. If you need inspiration for this I've created a journal prompt sheet that you can save and print out or copy into your own journal. I also included some examples to help you think of answers.