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How to Work WITH Energy Circles

An Energy Circle is one simple way to broadcast information to a person/people, relationship, situation, etc.

Energy Circle Components

Energy Circle

Any fully enclosed shape drawn or printed on paper. It can be round, oblong, heart-shaped, rectangular, etc. No need for it to be perfectly shaped. The only thing that is important is that the beginning and end connect and that there are no breaks in the perimeter of the line.


The name of the person requesting or creating the Energy Circle. The person for whom the broadcast is being set up. Generally written above the Subject.


What is to be applied to the Requester and/or Focus? The Subject may be Switchwords, Defusing Words, Homeopathic Remedies, Healing Numbers/Frequencies, Pictures, etc. Generally written between the Requester and the Focus.

Please note: Reiki Symbols are not generally to BE inserted into Energy Circles, except by Reiki Masters, who know how to charge the Reiki Symbols FOR proper use.

Focus Additional party, situation, relationship, etc., to be addressed by the Energy Circle Contents. Generally written below the Subject.


What is to be addressed by the Energy Circle? CONCERNS do not need to be written inside the Energy Circle. They are simply used to help create the Subject to be broadcast.

What are Switch Words?

Steps for Creating an Energy Circle

1. Write Requester on a paper.

2. Write Subject below Requester.

3. Write Focus below Subject (optional).

4. Draw a Circle to encompass all of the above.

5. DONE.

NOW you can just set it and forget it. Place it on a flat surface facing up, or hang it on a wall. It matters not where you put it, only that you keep it in a single plane and not have it facing down (disables).

A Simple Energy Circle Created on the Computer

John Doe is the Requester.

DIVINE-BE is a Switchphrase, the Subject.

Ways to Work WITH Energy Circles

Energy Circles are one way to send remote healing energy, Switchwords, etc., to a person, place, or thing, or even to yourself.

It is preferred to put no more than two or three Switchphrases in an Energy Circle and it is preferred to have no more than three Energy Circles actively sending energy to a person at one time. A Switchphrase may be one or two Switchwords, or even possibly as many as nine or ten Switchwords. More than three Switchphrases inside an Energy Circle may cause dilution of effects, and more than three Energy Circles with a person's name inside as a Requester, may again, begin to dilute effects. We have also experienced extra Energy Circles beyond three with a person's name inside causing some to be deactivated.

Broadcast: An Energy Circle is printed and set ON a flat surface, face-up or hanging ON a WALL, as long as it is unobstructed.

An Energy Circle displayed in a digital frame or displayed ON a computer screen FOR a minimum of 15 seconds (longer is FINE) broadcasts.

1) General Broadcast: Without a name added to the Energy Circle, it will broadcast to the room or space where it is displayed. There is no LIMIT to how many Energy Circles can BE set FOR general broadcast.

2) Personalized Broadcast: No more than 3 Personalized Energy Circles should BE set to broadcast at once. Personalize an Energy Circle by writing your name inside it or placing a photo inside the Energy Circle (the picture doesn't need to BE fully inside the Energy Circle. Nor does the Energy Circle need to BE completely covered by the photo).

Charging Water, Food, or Pills: Plastic, copper, and aluminum tend to slough cells into the water/food, and therefore, though they can be used, are not preferred materials FOR charging (or even eating/drinking anything from). You can use a transparent container, but transparency is not required.

Set the filled water, food, or pill container (glass or stainless steel preferred) ON or NEXT to an Energy Circle FOR a minimum of 15 seconds (longer is FINE).

Laminated Energy Circles HELP to MAINTAIN Energy Circle integrity, allowing you to use them indefinitely. As long as the information inside the Energy Circle is legible, it can BE used FOR charging.

Water, food, and pills can also BE charged by setting it in front of (preferably rather than ON) a computer screen, digital frame, mobile phone, or tablet screen.

Water, food, and pills can BE charged WITH as many Energy Circles as you wish. Simply charge it WITH one after another.

Charging yourself (three-finger method): Your left side is your receiving side. The preference FOR charging yourself (absorbing the Contents of an Energy Circle directly into your energy) is to use your left hand, but you can use either hand.

To charge yourself, place 3 fingers from your hand inside the Energy Circle FOR a minimum of 15 seconds. It's easiest to use the index, middle, and ring fingers, but any three fingers will work.

Sleeping ON Energy Circles: Putting an Energy Circle underneath your pillow or mattress puts the Energy Circle Contents in your energy field while you sleep, allowing the Energy Circle to work FOR you while you sleep.

There is no known LIMIT to how many Energy Circles you can sleep ON. However, a few things of which you may wish to BE aware:

Everything inside and outside the Energy Circle is in your energy field when you sleep ON it. Sometimes things you don't want in your experience are placed outside an Energy Circle in a graphic. These should not BE ON the graphic when you sleep ON it, as it brings them into your energy field.

You may not wish to sleep ON Energy Circles that may activate the mind or interfere WITH sleep. If you start sleeping WITH Energy Circles in your energy field and you FIND yourself restless, look at Energy Circle Contents, CONSIDER which might BE interfering WITH sleep, remove them and use them WITH another method.

Use Energy Circle Viewer to broadcast Energy Circles from your computer!

Load as many Energy Circles as you wish into a list for displaying sequentially.

As Energy Circles are displayed sequentially, there is no limit to how many Energy Circles with your name inside can be loaded.

Energy Circles can be displayed for anywhere from 1 to 60 seconds at a time (15 seconds required to charge water).


Additional Ideas For Working With Energy Circles

Set the Energy Circle to face up on a flat surface, or hang it on a wall, to allow it to broadcast to you 24/7.

On the computer, cell phone, or tablet, an Energy Circle is active when it is displayed, unimpeded, on the screen.

You can use your Energy Circle as a screen saver.

Charge water with an Energy Circle by placing the water vessel on it for a minimum of 15 seconds (longer, even a lot longer, is fine).

Place an Energy Circle under your pillow or mattress/bed to have it in your energy field while you sleep.

Though it is not necessary, you can chant the Switchphrases and numbers inside the Energy Circle anytime you CHOOSE. Some like to repeat 28 times morning and evening.

You can print as many copies of an Energy Circle as you wish, and as long as they are identical Energy Circles, they count as a single Energy Circle.

If you specifically put something you wish to have outside your experience outside of an Energy Circle but wish to sleep on the Energy Circle, you can print a second copy without anything outside it to sleep on. (It may not be wise to sleep on an Energy Circle which has something you do not want in your experience written outside it, as even though it is outside the Energy Circle when you sleep on it, it is put into your energy field.)

You can print a copy of an Energy Circle for charging water, a copy for hanging on the wall, and a copy for having under your pillow, mattress, or bed.

An Energy Circle is deactivated when it is turned over, facing the ground, or if you draw an X through it that breaks the lines of the Energy Circle and is permanently disabled when folded, torn, or put in the trash.


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