The Sacred Numerical Codes channeled by Master Agesta, are a combination of numbers that move certain positive energies to help us achieve our goals. These combinations of numbers are facilitators of manifestation, an emergency resource that The Universe has reserved for the most difficult moments of humanity.

The Sacred Codes are part of numerology, they are a Language of The Higher Dimensions and one of the preferred Resources of Los Angeles, who love Numbers.

The awakened Soul takes them and makes use of them because it knows that in the Universe nothing is accidental. These Number Combinations are new resources for souls who are tired of procedures that no longer work. Numerical Code is a powerful tool that transforms your life for your maximum benefit.

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The code must be repeated 45 times every time, because this is a manifestation number and when using them do it with conscience, faith, and heart.

• Then can be said as one digit (i.e. 10243 ten thousand two hundred and forty-three), one by one (one, zero, two, four, three); in pairs or as you which by heart, NO RULES FOR THAT.

• They can be repeated during the day as many times as you wish; there are no rules for it.

• The number of days to do it is up to you, they are usually made until what we are asking for comes to manifestation, there are other codes such as connection to the Earth, etc. that it would be wonderful to repeat always.

• They can be done anytime and anywhere.

• Beings of Light do not need any rituals to be heard, however, if someone is motivated to light a candle, incense, play music, etc., that is up to anyone’s discretion.

• As Agesta tells us, it helps a lot to count with a rope or necklace with 45 beads or knots.

• You can repeat the code mentally or using your voice. If you get used to the vibration of these numbers you will be in tune with Higher Dimensions and develop psychic faculties such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intuition.

• Occasionally find repeated codes, this is not an error; what happens is there are codes with various functions.

• Codes can be said by another person. Just use intention and say: I apply this Code for……… (Name). The Soul of the receiver will receive the vibration and will apply it in a better way. It is better to make a code for a person than for several ones, in order for energy is not dispersed.



Chakra Angels: 996

Chakra 1 or root chakra (perineum): 760

Chakra 2 or sacral chakra (Three fingers below the navel): 451

Chakra 3 or solar plexus chakra (between the ribs and navel): 293

Chakra 4 or heart chakra (at heart level): 741

Chakra 5 or throat chakra: 986

Chakra 6 or the third eye chakra (center front): 505

Chakra 7 or crown chakra (top of the head): 204

Chakra star in the sky (located on the head, in the etheric body, where you get with your hand palms): 56

Earth Star chakra (located below your feet, in the ground): 264



Animal: 290

Mineral: 720

Plant: 316


Garbage in the water: 929

Oil Spill: 818

Ponds clean–up: 82031

Lakes-Clean -Up 52127

Rivers Clean–Up: 82030

Decontamination Mares: 7521

Soil clean-up and pH balance: 15027


Open roads: 691

Open the doors of the 5th Dimension, attract light and higher knowledge: 14720

Clearing roads (Crush the head of the snake and your ways will clear): 75.139

Wrong place (can benefit you as you arrive at a new place): 997

Mystery world: 280

Know the following step (will show the next step we must take): 114

Leave a place where you do not want to be: 72988


Work (finding employment, i.e. the type of work you want to have): 454545/ 16700 /5600

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Inner healing:

Accelerate the healing process at all levels: 128

DNA (Restore): 81621

Souls addicted to suffering: 7278

Anguish: 102

Anxieties and disturbances: 1021

Anxiety: 363

Apathy (laziness): 27600

Pending issues (come out repressed issues that stop the progress of this and other lives): 791

Fatigue (remove fatigue, exhaustion): 928

Impossible cases (King Solomon): 344

Jealousy: 1015

Physical body: 512

Guilt (get rid of): 339

Heal (heal; this Code gives the desire to be healed. Many people do not want to be healed, because the disease brings those benefits. Jesus asked the paralytic that was 38 years in the pool of Bethsaida: Do you really want to be healed?): 111500

Sexual performance (fear): 680

Desire to be healed: 111500

Despair: 19

Episodes of past lives (Angel Elyasim, is one of the guardians of our Hearts. The heart is a stranger to us, and this Angel presents it to us. Through this number, Elyasim shows us parts of previous existences that need to be healed. As you know repeating a traumatic experience mentally removes the emotional load of a painful event. If I project, a mental movie of an incident from the past repeatedly, suppressed energy is released, giving place to healing. For me, the past is extremely important. Remembering past lives is attracting the truth. Who ignores the past, is sleeping deeply): 623

Frustration (free): 6279

Childhood of Jesus (receive thanks): 144

Light from Sirius or deepening (from Sirius, to send it a painful memory, a block, a situation that is disturbing you, or a person you wishing to send light): 1446

Thought and distant healing (Important): 580

Spiteful persons: 2888

Forgiveness: 888

Disturbance: 1021

Nightmares: 57721

Rabies: 201

Painful memories content during the 9 months in the mother´s womb (heal): 52

Painful memories 9 months to 7 years: 919

Painful memories 7 to 18 years: 59

Uncomfortable relationships: 28

Cell Healing: 378

Distance cell healing: 110834

Healing (restore and protect Ascended Master Kwan Yin code, in case of harm): 33351

Distance cell healing: 110834

Heal who suffered sexual abuse as children: 378

Be healed (this code gives the desire to be healed, Jesus asked the paralytic that spent 38 years in the pool of Bethsaida, do you really want to be healed?): 111500

Feeling in the wrong place: 997

Ascension symptoms (when a deeper cold is felt): 211


Bilocation (simultaneous presence of a person in two places at the same time): 61522

Erase negative memories of the subconscious: 45600

Channeling (create a favorable environment for the Beings of Light send lights and orientation): 499

Clairaudience (to increase capacity – female Angel Laksmi): 777

Clairvoyance (to develop): 70225

Clairvoyance (these numbers were given to me yesterday (11feb) by Mother Mary in her festivity. Clairvoyance is a very important faculty, especially for healers. It is very useful also to know future events, and through it, we can free ourselves from great evils. I had already given you another number for Clairvoyance: 70225. Keep this in mind also. The topic is very broad, so the Beings of Light amplify their scope by providing several sacred codes): 2315/1618

Natural gifts (Ruth Andromeda): 49816

Automatic Writing (activate): 6726

Writing and unknown symbols (to perform): 19996

Thymus Gland: 11136

Pineal gland: 52011

Immunity from any disease as Master Jesus' closest followers did: 72249

Interpret writing, symbols, and unknown languages: 19996

Miracles (to obtain): 4418/1913

Medium (skill development): 58829

Akashic Records (enter): 9871

Psychometrics (code to develop the psychic ability to capture people, places, and objects energy ): 251,212

Secrets and hidden things (the code speed, because will manifest so quickly that you dream): 2020

Telepathy (promotes contact with the guides): 1000

Telepathy (telepathy Development): 19813

Conscious astral travel: 729


Fatigue (remove fatigue, wear, exhaustion): 928

Power of the Moon: 112

Diamond Energy: 48815

Bad energies (ignore them): 11139

Unhealthy energies, discordant forces (eject from the body): 44

Flower of Life: 3366

Violet Flame of a thousand suns (The Violet Flame pulsates through our Heart Flame and shines in/ through/around from all inharmonious actions, and all lower human awareness, and all Light obstructions any person, place, condition, or has placed you in the perfection Lifeway. Instantly, the Violet Flame Transmute this discordant energy cause, core, effect, record, and memory back into its original perfection): 860907

Silver Violet Flame (for all): 524

Moon: 547

Enhance Reiki: 1515

Give light and comfort to your beloved ones: 025

Alive or deceased (know): 33020

Family relationships: 829

Heal Family Tree: 553

Beloved One disincarnated by your side: 21315

Parental Alignment Syndrome: 62637


Cancel or release karma (we’re often stuck in karmic issues. They prevent us from advancing with ease. This code is to clear the way for Saint Expedite): 791

Karmic contracts (rid): 1188

Karmic oppressors: 154

Karmic oppressors as neighbors (who use this number will be freed from karmic oppressors as neighbors, that with their noise and rudeness alter your life quality Life): 119

Akashi Records (enter): 9871

Breaking Karmic Ties: 1579

Karmic revenge (rid): 212


Money (connection to the elemental): 47620

Money (which gives planetary genius Och): 1016

Money (improvement of the economic situation): 5701

Money (for urgent cases): 897

Money (when someone owes us): 858

Money (to flow to us): 1122/5701

Money (economic problems): 608

Money (If you use this number will reach the money they need smoothly): 42170

Success in life: 2190

Clean ground for prosperity: 773

Money flow to you: 1122/5701

Economic problems (give worries to God): 608

Prosperity: 079

Recover money (Saint Anthony of Padua): 858


Under astral (removing interference): 237

Hidden enemies: 051

Envy (protection): 615

Mocking spirits (free): 314

Avoid accidents: 748

Negative entities (harmful actions): 401

Implants (astral larvae): 1118

Great misfortunes (rid): 339

Black magic (This code is provided by Ascended Master Kwan Yin): 1617

Black Magic (to hip a problem in the bud, yesterday and today): 44

Black Magic (protected and free work): 111 111 111

Evil Eye: 69900

Disturbance: 1021

Nightmares: 57721

Protection and assistance in case of earthquakes (to have protection and assistance in case of earthquakes, offered by Mother Mary in her title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal): 479/484

Ward off curses: 2579

Protect yourself from the radiation of any kind: 333444

Desperate situations: 19

Energy vampires (be safe from “energy vampirism” o psychics. You know there are people who have damaged your energy systems and feed themselves from other people's energy): 7000

Energy vampires (avoid encounters. An energy vampire has an internal system of dysfunctional energy. While having a deficiency of energy in their crumbling energy systems, they feed on others' energy. The attack from an energy vampire may occur during physical contact, shaking hands, or long distance): 441


In Anatomy, there is a clear difference between the gastrointestinal tract and the digestive system. For this publication purpose, I am not considering it in order to facilitate exposure. So I will use the term “systems.” There is a group called Florian Angels. These Beings appear in the most urgent times and wish fervently to prepare us to receive the energies of this June, especially the flow

that will come on 20, 21, and 22. This energy will be intense and transformative, and these Angeles want to strengthen our “systems” in order to make us successful receptors of the Divine Light. To do this, they have given us some sacred codes to be shared:

Nervous system 820

Reproductive system 333

Respiratory system 513

Urinary System 56

Digestive System 1520.

Skeletal system 88

Muscular system 1515.

Sympatico system 1515.

Endocrine System 112.

Circulatory system 163

Immune System 765.


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