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The Sacred Numerical Codes channeled by Master Agesta, are a combination of numbers that move certain positive energies to help us achieve our goals. These combinations of numbers are facilitators of manifestation, an emergency resource that The Universe has reserved for the most difficult moments of humanity.

The Sacred Codes are part of numerology, they are a Language of The Higher Dimensions and one of the preferred Resources of Los Angeles, who love Numbers.

The awakened Soul takes them and makes use of them because it knows that in the Universe nothing is accidental. These Number Combinations are new resources for souls who are tired of procedures that no longer work. Numerical Code is a powerful tool that transforms your life for your maximum benefit.

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The code must be repeated 45 times every time, because this is a manifestation number and when using them do it with conscience, faith, and heart.

• Then can be said as one digit (i.e. 10243 ten thousand two hundred and forty-three), one by one (one, zero, two, four, three); in pairs or as you which by heart, NO RULES FOR THAT.

• They can be repeated during the day as many times as you wish; there are no rules for it.

• The number of days to do it is up to you, they are usually made until what we are asking for comes to manifestation, there are other codes such as connection to the Earth, etc. that it would be wonderful to repeat always.