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How To Use Oracle Cards In 6 Easy Steps

Sometimes you need a simple and to-the-point answer to your most pressing questions. Students often ask us: “How can I get a simple yes or no?” “When will I get that job, meet my soul mate, and move to a better location?” “I want to talk to my angels, but I don’t know how to use oracle cards. How can I get answers for those times when what you need is a quick and easy-to-understand response that addresses your concerns?

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners


Learn how to do a 1-card reading

Perhaps you want to pull a quick card for support and confidence. Or maybe you are trying to choose between multiple options, and you need a crystal clear sign pointing out which choice to make. Whether your concern is about romance, career, health, or even just day-to-day decision-making, these cards make getting answers extremely easy. When you are navigating through a confusing situation, these cards offer direct and loving messages from your guardian angels.

Oracle cards are an ancient and time-honored way to connect with Heaven and your angels. They’re based upon Pythagorean numerology, which teaches that numbers and images all vibrate in a very precise, mathematical manner. It’s impossible to make a mistake when using oracle cards because they operate within the infallible Law of Attraction. This means that your inquiries (or those of the person you’re doing the reading for) will always attract the perfect cards as answers. Each one you pull will exactly match the vibration of the question.

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Here are 6 Steps For Using Oracle Cards

Step 1. Clear Your Card Deck

Your cards are sensitive, and they absorb energy from everyone who touches them. So they’ll need to be cleared of any energy they may have absorbed from the manufacturing and shipping process. Steps one and two only need repeating after another person touches your cards or if your readings lack clarity because the cards have become clogged with too much energy. To clear your deck, hold the cards in one hand and sweep your other hand over them. Then think about the thought that you’d like the cards to be cleared, and say a prayer over them, such as: “Dear God, thank you for lifting away anything from these cards that are not of Divine love.” This clears out the old energy and makes them ready to receive your special energy.

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners

Step 2. Prepare the Cards

Briefly touch all the cards to introduce your own energy to them. You can simply touch one of the corners to do this. Then fan the cards with the artwork facing you. Hold the fanned cards to your heart and think about any prayers or intentions you’d like to bestow upon them. Your cards are sensitive to your desires for them. They now carry your personal vibration and wishes.

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners

Step 3. Ask a Question

Think of a question you’d like to have answered. If you’re pulling cards for someone else, ask him or her to either think of or voice a question. Heaven hears your thoughts, so you don’t need to say your question out loud.

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners

Step 4. Shuffle the Cards

Think of the question as you shuffle the cards, and ask Heaven to help you with answers and guidance. We often say this prayer while shuffling: “Dear God, I ask that only Your pure and trustworthy messages come through these cards. I ask that the answers I receive be clear and easy to understand. Please help me to see, hear, feel, and know Your messages for us. I ask that this card reading bring blessings to everyone involved.” If one or more cards “jump” out of the deck while you’re shuffling, place them to the side. They’ll be part of your reading. As you’re shuffling, you’ll likely notice thoughts, words, visions, or feelings. These inner messages will help you understand the cards you draw, so pay attention to everything that you think, hear, feel and see. You may also receive a feeling or a “knowing” to stop shuffling the cards, or you may even hear the words Stop shuffling now. These intuitive messages are helping you with the reading. You can’t make a mistake and stop shuffling too soon, as the Divine Law of Attraction ensures that you’ll always select the correct cards.

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners

Step 5. Choose a Card

Once you stop shuffling, pull any card from the deck. The card you draw is always the right one. Every card is positive, so don’t worry about choosing wrongly. You may pull a card from the top of the stack or select one from anywhere in the deck that you feel called to. The card you pull is the answer to your question. As you read the words on it, notice any additional words, thoughts, feelings, or visions that come to you, as these are also messages from Heaven for you. The picture on the card, too, is important. Notice where your eyes go when you look at the card and pay attention to how you feel. Everything you see and feel is part of the answer to your question. If you set aside cards or cards that “jumped” out of the deck while you were shuffling look at it, too. The jumping card is also giving you a message.

Angel Answers Oracle Cards will give you the perfect answer with just one card for each question you ask. In a situation where you are comparing possibilities, you would pull one card for each option. If, after pulling a single card, you decide that you would like additional information, you can ask your angels for more detail, shuffle and pull another.

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners

Step 6. Read the Guidebook Message

The guidebook provided with your oracle card deck features an extended explanation of the meaning of each card. As you read the words, remember to notice any thoughts or feelings that come to you, as they’re also part of the answer. Heaven will give you answers and help to pertain to every part of your life.

FREE How to Read Oracle Cards For Beginners
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