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How to Send Distant Energy Healing to Anyone

Sending distant energy healing to someone you love, is one of the most beautiful things you can do for them. This post is all about the rules for sending healing energy to someone, sending healing energy to a loved one, and how sending healing energy works.

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Our thoughts are powerful. So powerful in fact that often just thinking about someone can send a small stream of energy their way.

We are all energetic beings and we all have energy that flows from within and around us. When we start to become aware of this energy and its potential, we can use it to send healing, good thoughts, and wishes to people we care about all over the world.

We all have the ability to do this as long as we are open and confident in who we want to send loving, healing energy.

Here is how to send distant healing energy to another person, animal or plant.

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How to Send Distant Energy Healing to Anyone

1. Set Up Your Space

Find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Try to make sure the space has been cleansed and is free from clutter and other distractions.

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2. Quiet Your Mind

Still your mind by taking a few deep breaths and then set your intention for your healing. You may even want to state clearly to who you are sending the healing energy.

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3. Build Up Your Energy

To send a positive ray of healing energy, start rubbing your hands together in a circular motion until you can feel the energy building between them. You should be able to feel the energy pulsing from your hands as you slowly separate them.

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4. Make an Energy Ball

Once you can feel the energy pulsing through your hands imagine the energy taking on the shape of a ball. You can also give the energy ball its own color based on the type of healing you are wishing to send:

  • Blue: emotional healing

  • Orange: physical healing

  • White: spiritual healing/ general healing

  • Green: heart healing

  • Purple: psychic protection

Keep focusing your attention on this energy ball, making it bigger and stronger, and more powerful with every breath.

5. Send the Energy

When you feel your ball of energy is buzzing and strong, visualize sending it to your chosen person (or animal). You may even want to picture the person you are sending it to receiving the energy and feeling the beautiful healing effects of what you have sent.

6. Recharge Your Batteries

Once the healing energy has been sent, it is important to recharge your batteries by grounding your energy. This could include taking a walk in nature, meditating, having a relaxing bath, or simply nourishing your body with some healthy food.

Sending energy healing to another is a very powerful tool and is a great way to help others when you can’t be there for them physically.

There are just a few things to remember about sending healing energy:

  • The quality of your healing energy begins with you, so avoid sending healing energy when you are physically ill or feeling emotionally drained.

  • It is not necessary to tell the person you are sending healing energy to them, however, if you do tell them, it can make them more open to receiving the energy.

  • Healing energy has to be sent with love. If you find yourself feeling any negative emotions towards the person you are sending this energy to, stop.

  • Whatever you send out comes back to you three times. This means whatever energy you send out into the world will come back to you three times as strong.

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Learning how to send distant energy healing is a valuable and special tool that we can all learn to do. So if someone you know could use a dose of healing energy, why not give it a try?

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