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How To Manifest Your Desires With Intention Slips

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Everyone wants to manifest when they come to Reiki. This is probably the best aspect of Reiki. I have found it quite easy to manifest with Reiki. A lot of people I meet say they are not able to manifest with Reiki or with the intention slips kept in their God box. I am not sure why that is, but it could be because you’re either putting in too much information in your intention slips or your intention is not clear.

Few things to remember when you’re writing an intention slip. Keep it concise and simple. Don’t use punctuation marks in it. Use a direct and simple sentence. Draw the symbols at the back and change the slips every 10 -15 days or so. Depending on the goal, big or small give healing to it for a period of 3 – 4 months.

If you want to lose weight, get married, have a baby, buy a house, get a promotion, or a job I recommend healing for 90 – 120 days continuously. Don’t give up. This is a realistic time period to give healing and you will surely get full or a part of the goal achieved during this time. You can choose a shorter or longer time period depending on what resonates with you. This is just my way of doing it. I use a standard 90 days period for every healing.

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Now I know this time period is not set in stone and Reiki works in mysterious ways, but in my personal experience, 90 – 120 days is a good time to manifest anything! Some Reiki practitioners may have been taught to heal their God box twice or thrice a week. I disagree.

If you have a goal, perseverance is very important. You must put in any number of days that you think are good enough and realistic to achieve a goal and give healing to it almost every day. You will see things happening for you. I am quite determined when I do intention slips healing. I pick projects that are close to my heart, give simple and direct intentions and follow through for 90 days. What this means is that I am surrendering to Reiki for the outcome to occur anytime during 90 days. I will be patient at this time and give Reiki time to work out the perfect solution for me.

These are simple instructions to make the intention slips.

  1. Take clean bits of paper, any color doesn’t matter. Cut in squares so that they fit within your palm.

  2. This is the most important part. Write the intention simply without punctuation. For example, My Intention is to have a caring romantic partner at the earliest. Thank You, Reiki and so it is.

  3. Draw the symbols behind, put them in your box, and go for it! Change the slips in a few weeks and make fresh ones. You can burn the old ones.

  4. Keep a diary of the wishes you’re healing for and strike out when you complete a project or note down whatever improvements you see in the situation.

There are no hard and fast rules for sending distance healing or healing for manifestation, but I have found this way of doing it effectively, it works for me and I hope it works for you!

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