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How to make Manifesting Box

Hello, Dear ones,

It’s once again time to bring your creative side out. We all know about the Reiki box in which we put intention slips and give Reiki to it. So now, how about something more detailed? Like if you want to attract love or a life partner, you write a wish and along with that add things and objects that depict love or the things that resonate with love. This is not just a box, this is a box you created with lots of love, creativity, wishes, and intentions. Let’s name it Manifesting Box.

  1. Take any box of any size and color. Stick mirrors on the inside of the lid, the bottom of the box, and all four inner sides of the box. We put mirrors to magnify the energy.

  2. Assemble everything that you wish to put in your box- photographs, crystals, herbs, statues, etc. Give Reiki to it with the intention to manifest whatever your wish is or with the intention to attract more of IT in your life.

  3. Write your wish on paper and draw Reiki symbols in it and place it in the box. Additionally, you can also add switch words and energy circles related to your wish.

  4. Place this box at a sacred place or at your altar. Give Reiki to it daily with the intention that “I intend that this Magic Manifesting Box be charged with divine Reiki energy to fulfill my wishes and for my highest good.”

  5. Call upon your spirit guides and angels and ask them to manifest your wishes and dreams in the fastest possible way.

If you wish to put intentions for multiple wishes, suppose love and money. Instead of tossing everything in a box, make mojo bags for each wish and keep them in the box.

Those who are level one Reiki practitioners can skip the symbol part and those who don’t know Reiki can skip the Reiki part. Universe and Angels are there to help them and everyone.

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