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How to create a powerful Reiki Chi Balls

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Greetings to my wonderful community.

We all are blessed to be a part of the Reiki journey, where we have received unconditional love from the universe in its purest form. We, as healers, are introduced to so many beautiful modalities on our path, and incorporating them with Reiki makes the healing and its outcome better in every kind.

Here, I share an easy and effective method to incorporate the energy of Chi Balls, Reiki symbols, and Angel light to create a powerful healing resource.

  1. First, sit in a comfortable position and ground yourself to eliminate all unwanted and excess energies. As it is done, focus on your breath and do belly breathing.

  2. As the mind relaxes and your attention is on your breath, invoke Reiki with the attitude of gratitude prayer. Thank the universe, God, Reiki, your gurus, ascended masters, angels, etc., and ask them to help you in this process.

  3. Draw your attuned symbols on the third eye and then on the palms. Pay attention to the energy as it starts flowing from your palms. You can even rub your hands before starting.

  4. Hold the hands in the Gassho position and then slowly move the palms apart. Now imagine the Chi Ball being formed in between your palms. Slowly and attentively, move the palms nearer to each other and feel the energy getting stronger in the shape of the energy ball.

  5. Alternatively, and slowly, moving the palms closer and farther, we make the Chi ball strong and effective. The size of the ball can vary from person to person and from time to time.

  6. Draw the attuned Reiki symbols on the ball and imagine them getting inside the ball. Second-degree symbols, master symbols, Karuna Reiki symbols, or any other you are attuned to can be placed inside the Chi balls. See the symbols floating inside the ball, releasing their energies and making the sphere more powerful.

  7. Now, call upon the angels to bless the Chi ball in your hand. First, ask your guardian angels to bless you an