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How Do I Connect with the Archangels?

Updated: Aug 25, 2022


There is a simple four-step process that will assist you in connecting with the Archangels.

1. Ask - Begin by asking for assistance: For the angels to help in any area of your life, you

must first “ask” for their assistance. There is no right or wrong way to do this. A simple

intention works just as well as a verbal expression or a telepathic conversation. Simply

saying, “Angels, please help me,” is enough. Asking in a way that feels appropriate to you

will ensure that the Angels will answer your call and stand by your side. The important

step is to recognize that you are in need of support, guidance, direction, encouragement,

etc., and be willing to ask for it.

2. Allow - Release the need to control the situation and be open to receive: Allowing is as

easy as “getting out of your own way.” When you release the need to control situations,

people, and emotions and just allow the flow and the laws of the Universe to work on your

behalf, then you open up room for all of the good to come into your life. Allowing frees up

your energy to do the things that make you happy and to receive the abundance that is

innately yours. Your Angels always see your life from the perspective of allowing. They

support that vision “for you” and “within you” until you are able to feel it for yourself. The

sooner you learn to let go of resistance and start affirming what you desire, the sooner

you will come into alignment with what you are asking for. Once the asking and allowing

are in alignment with one another, then you are well on your way to believing.

3. Believe - Trust that the Angels will guide you in perfect divine time: Trust can be one of

the most difficult attitudes to adopt, especially when you do not have any evidence that

you will receive what you desire. Trusting typically requires you to be vulnerable with

others and, in this case, with the Angels. I made a decision a long time ago when I started

working with the angelic realm, and that decision was to give up “suspicions.” I made a

conscious choice to be optimistic rather than pessimistic, and that choice proved to be

instrumental in my working relationship with my Archangels. So it is your choice to trust

that you are being guided in the perfect divine time. If you are feeling a desire from your

heart, trust that the Angels will guide you in the perfect way for your highest good.

4. Receive - Listen to your intuitive guidance and give thanks: You’ve asked, allowed, and

believed. The last step is to now receive. Your Archangels and guides will send you many

messages. It could be a song on the radio, the flicker of a light, a sign on a bus, the letters

on a license plate. Messages come in many ways and many forms, and I ask that you be

open to receiving them in ways that may be new or different to you. As the messages and

signs appear, you will find that they will validate that you are on the right path. And,

finally, remember to give thanks for the abundance, joy, happiness,and love that are

presently in your life. Don’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens. Stay open to

receive all that is yours.

Archangel Michael

Helps with: Protection, direction, selfesteem, motivation, courage, commitment,

faith, energy, vitality, life’s purpose, and

releasing fear.

Color Vibration: Brilliant Blue

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Invocation: I invoke the blue light of Archangel Michael to surround me and protect me from any negative energy or entities, seen or unseen. I ask that I be a channel of divine love and healing to everyone I cross paths with. I ask for courage, strength, and faith so that I may walk this earth with an open heart and an open mind. Thank you for the true and perfect guidance that surrounds me each

and every moment . . . and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Michael, I visualize a blue bubble—like an energy field around me —and imagine that I can see, hear, feel, and know that his energy of protection surrounds me on all levels.

Archangel Jophiel

Helps with: Manifesting more beauty in our

lives through our thoughts, supporting

artists and artistic projects, interior design

and decorating, releasing prejudice and

ignorance, awakening, self-awareness,

inspiration, hope, and joy. Helps those who

feel spiritually lost, depressed, or in despair.

Color Vibration: Golden Yellow

Gemstone: Citrine

Invocation: I invoke the golden-yellow light of Archangel Jophiel. Help me to manifest beauty within and around me. Jophiel, I know that I am a creative being, and I ask that you help me to use that creative power in every aspect of my life. Please help me to remember that whatever I focus on is manifested through the vibration of my own thoughts. Help me to align my thoughts with who I really am and to see the beauty in all that crosses my path. Allow me to remain open-minded and be guided by the light within. With your help and creative power, I can and will manifest the beautiful life of my

dreams . . . and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Jophiel, I visualize a golden-yellow light entering the top of my head and moving down my entire body. This vibrating light encases me in a safe and comfortable energy field. I see, hear, feel, and know that the energy of creativity and manifestation surrounds me and dwells within me at all times.

Archangel Chamuel

Helps with: Career, life purpose, finding lost items, building and strengthening relationships, world peace, and seeking soul mates.

Color Vibration: Pink Gemstone: Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Pink Rhodonite

Invocation: I invoke the unconditional love and light of Archangel Chamuel. Please heal any and all emotional wounds or pain that hold me back from truly loving myself as the divine Spirit that I am. Archangel Chamuel, please help me to open my heart to the beauty within me as well as around me. Allow me to see myself through your angelic vibration and feel love as I release any and all resentments, fears, and pain. I ask to experience forgiveness, self-acceptance, and unconditional self-love. Thank you for helping me attract positive, kind, gentle, and nonjudgmental love into myself and my life . . . and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Chamuel, I imagine a vibrant pink energy surrounding my entire physical being. As I breathe in, I see that pink energy moving into my heart and filling me with unconditional love and the gentle energy of Archangel Chamuel.

Archangel Gabriel

Helps with: Communication in any area, TV and radio work, adoption, child conception and fertility, journalism and writing.

Color Vibration: White Gemstone: Moonstone, Clear Quartz

Invocation: I now invoke the mighty and powerful Archangel Gabriel and his energy of communication and strength. Please bring me insight and awareness so that I may always speak my truth. Remove all doubts and fears, and allow me to express myself in a loving way through body, mind, and Spirit. Please help me to share my words in a way that is gentle, kind, and loving. Please help me to communicate from my heart. Thank you . . . and so it is.

As I invoke Archangel Gabriel’s energy, I visualize the white light of Gabriel coming down from the heavens and entering my body through my head. As I sit in this energy, I feel clarity about communication in my throat area, and I say thank you, out loud, to allow that clear communication to move completely through me.

White Light Prayer I call on the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, and helpers to surround me in white light and to guide me and protect me. I ask that you work through me to clear any anger, fear, judgment, or guilt. I ask that my Spirit be an open and clear channel to provide the highest good for all concerned. Thank you for surrounding me. I am filled with the Spirit of love and light, always and in all ways . . . and so it is.

Archangel Raphael

Helps with: Eliminating or reducing addictions and cravings, healing on all levels, guidance and support for healers, physical and spiritual eyesight, clairvoyance, and finding lost pets.

Color Vibration: Green

Gemstone: Jade, Aventurine

Invocation: I ask Archangel Raphael to surround me in his healing vibration of emerald green light. I am in need of healing at this time, and I ask that you infuse me with your healing energy. Please surround me and fill me with health, well-being, and wholeness. Help me to heal any wounds physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual from the past or present. Heal and restore every aspect of my being for the highest good of all . . . and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Raphael’s energy, I see the emerald green energy completely surrounding my body. I feel this energy moving within me, and I affirm that I am healthy and whole and that well-being is my divine birthright

Archangel Uriel

Helps with: Insight, clarity, peace, vision, problem solving, writing, new ideas, study, and tests.

Color Vibration: Ruby Red

Gemstone: Amber, Ruby

Invocation: I invoke the wise and peaceful energy of Archangel Uriel to completely surround my physical and energetic body. Please help soothe all conflict in my life and replace it with peace, clarity, and insight. I ask you to help me release any mental or emotional patterns that keep me stuck in my fears. I ask that you fill me with the knowingness of who I really am. Please help me to trust my experiences, so I may see the greater vision, understand the value of each, and grow in a way that serves all. I am blessed to be on this journey of life, and I thank you, Uriel, for your continued guidance, wisdom, and vision . . . and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Uriel’s energy of wisdom, I imagine or visualize myself completely enveloped in the color red. I take a deep breath in and see, hear, feel, and know that Archangel Uriel is guiding

me throughout my physical journey.

Archangel Zadkiel

Helps with: Forgiveness of self and others,

emotional healing, compassion, freedom,

finding lost objects, and memory.

Color Vibration: Violet

Gemstone: Amethyst

Invocation: I invoke the energy of Archangel Zadkiel. I ask you to surround me in your light of forgiveness and mercy. Please help me to soften my heart so that I may forgive myself and help support me in releasing my pain, bitterness, and negativity. Help me remove any and all obstacles that stand in the way of my connection to the deeper love I know I have within me . . . and so it is!

As I invoke Archangel Zadkiel, I visualize a violet flame just above my head. I imagine

this flame absorbing all of the negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions that hold me back from forgiving myself and others. I allow all of the lower vibrational energies to be absorbed by Zadkiel’s loving violet energy