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Healing with Chakra Affirmations

Healing the chakras forms an integral part of energy work. There are various techniques that we can use to cleanse the chakras. Crystals, colors, visualizations, mantras, and Reiki, all work great and have their own unique value. Another powerful tool that can help with strengthening the chakras is affirmations.

An affirmation is a positive statement that serves to heal and strengthen aspects of us that need healing. Every chakra represents a certain aspect of our entire being. By working with affirmations, we focus our attention on different aspects one step at a time.

Healing with affirmations is not a mechanical act where we just recite or write the affirmations blindly and then forget all about it. It is a conscious practice that has the potential to help us become more aware, more powerful, and more in tune with our inner divinity.

The act of writing helps shed light on those aspects of us that need attention. Once this comes into our awareness, half our job is done. The other half is to work on healing each aspect and then integrating it with our being.

Listed below are some affirmations for each chakra.

It helps to be systematic and focus on one chakra every day of the week. You can also devote an entire week to each chakra if you wish. It depends on the amount of healing you need.

You can either write down all the affirmations for a chakra or choose those that you most resonate with. Write it down in your journal. Avoid typing it out as writing with your hands has a greater impact.

After writing out each affirmation, draw the Reiki symbols on the page. Recite them aloud if you wish to. Spend time giving Reiki to the page.

Place the journal by your bedside or under your pillow when you sleep at night and allow healing to happen at its own pace.