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Energy Clearing with Archangel Michael

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

I’m excited to share with you a powerful technique for energy clearing that I received from Archangel Michael…

This is a simple and yet incredibly powerful practice for clearing your energy so that you're able to shine clear and bright… And so that your aura and energy fields naturally resonate with what you want to call forth into the world.

Keeping your energy shining clear and bright empowers you to naturally resonate with blessings with joy and love.

Why Energy Clearing?

Energy clearing is so important now because quite frankly there's a lot of crazy stuff happening in the world that you may be energetically tuning into taking on… Not to mention your own negative thoughts and patterns that have a way of latching on and weighing down your energy.

Essentially, if you feel like you're carrying weight around, that is a clear sign that your etheric energy body is calling out for cleansing. And there are lots of other signs…

But without diving into that right now, let's just assume that energy clearing is something that will be beneficial for you now… Because really, clearing your energy is something you want to do often… Every day cleansing your energy, returning to love, returning to the presence at the moment with your heart open and your energy shining clear and bright so that you're able to stand in your divine truth, shine your authenticity, and call forth blessings into your life and in the collective on behalf of all.

So without talking too much about why you need to clear your energy.

Let's just go ahead and do the energy clearing exercise with Archangel Michael, so you can experience the cleansing energy and feel the difference it makes in your energetic field.

Energy Clearing With Golden Light