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Email Tarot Reading

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Please note I will NOT read for: anyone under 18, medical or legal issues, pregnancy, or addiction.

Get a unique email Tarot Reading delivered straight to your inbox. Great for those that aren’t a massive fan of Zoom calls but still want a deeply personal reading to help them move forward and overcome blocks.

I am a guidance Tarot reader, meaning I don’t do psychic readings or fortune telling. I believe in a much more practical and self-care approach to Tarot reading and like to focus on you directly. In an email reading, I work off the energy of the question you’ve asked to identify any imbalances that need addressing, any subconscious anchors that might be keeping you stationary, or any misalignments that need work.

My goal is to deliver a 10-card reading for you that leaves you feeling lighter, more confident, and ready to tackle whatever you face. With your email Tarot reading you’ll receive an extremely detailed 14-page PDF document that summarises your reading as a whole, then continues to break down all 10 cards and what they mean for you and your situation. At the end of the PDF, I offer some ways to work through what we’ve addressed in the reading and tips on self-care or self-development tasks that I think may help you.

I specialize in the following life areas:

  • Career

  • Business

  • Spiritual development

  • Self-care and self-love

  • Goal setting and achieving

All email tarot readings are scheduled and delivered within 2 days of payment.