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Discover 7 Types Of Soulmates

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

There are 7 interesting types of soulmates we encounter, who travel with us for various lengths of time. Some may stay for a month, some a few years, and some for an entire lifetime if we are lucky.

Typically we think of soulmates are belonging in romantic relationships, yet in reality, many people cross our path to teach us life lessons. They are considered soulmates because we have known them before in another time and place. We travel through many lifetimes with our set of close soulmates.

This means we meet them over and over again in many different incarnations throughout different eras and locations. When we end a relationship, or someone dear to us passes over, we will see them again at some time in another place because they are a soulmate.

Sometimes we make a new friend who we have not shared past life experiences with. We can make brand new soulmate connections with souls we are unfamiliar with, and this adds new zest to our soul journey.

7 Types Of Soulmates We Encounter

I've counted 7 different types of soulmates, each with a different role to play in our life. Since there is no specific length of time, they may stay for a month or a lifetime. Some relationships are intense whilst others are casual and fun. We learn more during intense relationships and work harder on our growth. What each soulmate type has in common is that they help us grow and they impart lessons. We do the same for them. Often intense connections do not last beyond what we have come to learn.

Some soulmates can be included in more than one of these categories.

The seven types are:

  1. Friend Soulmate

  2. Teacher Soulmate

  3. Companion Soulmate

  4. Karmic Soulmate

  5. Twin Soul / Twin Flame

  6. New Soul Connection

  7. SOUL FAMILY Soulmate

Friend Soulmates

A friend is one of our most comfortable soulmate types, one we feel most at ease with. We usually know our friends from past lives and we get along well with them. They are people we can confide in, and share mutual trust, respect, and like with. These relationships are usually harmonious. Friend soulmates are in our life because of their similarities such as shared beliefs, attitudes, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Soul friends can however come and go as we grow and change. When our beliefs or attitudes towards life change too radically, friends can drift apart and no longer think alike.

Teacher Soulmates

This type of soulmate is anyone who imparts a lesson through a difficult situation created with them. This person may or may not be a friend, for example, it could be a landlord, a work colleague, a competitor, a neighbor, or even the person who crashes into your car. Whenever we need to learn a certain lesson (be it to have more courage, patience or love, etc) our angels guide us to the perfect situation/person to help us learn it. Note: not all difficult situations are lessons! Sometimes a person can just screw us around and are not a planned soulmate teacher.

It is very common for family members to unwittingly be soul teachers to each other. Friends may also fit into this category at times. Don't forget that we too are the sole teachers of others.

Companion Soulmates

This is the kind of soulmate that we traditionally associate with the term; it is a deeper more intimate kind of soul relationship. Soul companions are the ones we look to for a loving relationship or friendship that is far deeper than what we have with the soul friend. Whilst we get along famously with our soul friends on a casual level, it is the soul companions in our lives who we relate to deeply, and who mean more to us. We can have deep relationships with family members, close friends, and lovers through marriage or otherwise. Some people may marry casually to their soul friends (which may mean a shorter marriage), whilst others wait for that deeper connection that comes from the soul companion.


Karmic Soulmates

Karma can suggest trouble, and yes we encounter many karmic soulmates who come to finish/balance past karma with us (old karma from former lifetimes with them). They may or may not be companion soulmates also, since some of them come and go quickly.

Usually, we can tell a karmic soulmate within weeks of meeting them. Whilst we may have instant, powerful attraction and relate fabulously, within a very short time we trigger the karma in each other and begin to clash, argue or create friction. Imagine dating a charming person and becoming alarmingly close within weeks, only to suddenly start fighting as though you have known each other for years. We fight hardest with those who we have known longest, karmically speaking. Karma is efficient and often triggered fast between two familiar souls who reunite in this present lifetime.

Karmic soulmates can have any kind from a colleague, to a friend, to lover. This is especially true of many love relationships, however, which are held together by intense attraction, yet underlying the entire relationship are issues and problems that are very challenging. Sometimes the karma is too intense and these relationships end badly. Yet they give us a lot to contemplate over the years as we examine how it all went wrong, and how we can do better next time as the lesson is imparted to us. Those who successfully complete the karma with their soulmate often drift apart, for the sole reason for the joining has been completed.

The Twin Flame Reunion

We only have ONE unique twin flame who was created at the exact instant we were from our larger oversoul. It is the one person who is our exact twin in creation, the one we are spiritually married to for all time. Not all twin flames incarnate at the same time, so not all people meet theirs, although it is true that this era is unique in that a lot of twins are incarnated and are meeting at this time. There are many articles on this site devoted to twin flame relationships; a good place to start is Twin Flame Reunion.

New Soul Connection

We can have significant encounters with souls who we have not traveled through time with over the millennia. They can be wholly unfamiliar souls with whom we have no prior spiritual contract, yet we meet them and become intrigued. The good thing about our soul contracts and our Life Plans is that they can be fluid and changeable on occasion.

New soul connections may particularly happen if you have already completed all of your previous karma, yet are still on earth. One may petition another's soul on a higher level to see if that soul has any interest in yours. Sometimes the answer can come back a YES, yet be prepared for completely unpredictable results with that other soul.

An intense interest or mutual love can lead to whole new karma with that new soul. Many souls petitioned will agree to a rendezvous if you have useful lessons you can impart to that soul. Some souls may rearrange their life plans around this new invitation if they can gain enough from you. Although this does not mean that success is assured, new relationship karma may be easier to quickly work through than very old karma. The karma we have from familiar souls is all the more painful than that with new souls. We never immediately attack new soul connections; unfamiliar souls tend to be more polite, cautious, and understanding with each other.

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Perhaps one of the most important kinds of soulmates is the one who is literally part of our Soul Family. A soul family is larger, collective soul energy that splits itself into smaller entities, Us, in order to experience new expressions of itself. It is at once one and many. We are as branches of our Soul, and there are other branches very similar indeed to ourselves, 12 in total including ourselves. Our Soul belongs to an OVERSOUL, which can project 12 Souls from it. This means that anyone oversoul can have 12x12=144 incarnations. There is any number of oversouls or branches that are higher up on the tree closer to God. In fact, you could consider anyone on your own Spiritual Ray as a soul family, but that is getting more complicated! Have you heard of indigo children, who are on the Indigo Ray, who all share basic characteristics? They are like soul families, but there are a lot of them.

Our closest (soul family) soulmates share most of our own quirks and defects, strengths, and thought patterns. These 11 other soulmates originate from almost the exact template as we have, with small differences. We know these soulmates mainly through noticing the remarkable similarities they have to us, almost like a mirror of ourselves, for this is what they are in actuality. We are very closely connected to the rest of our soul family even if we never meet most of them. They can benefit from the lessons we learn throughout our lifetime. Our new knowledge is absorbed into our soul, and since they are extensions of the same soul as we are, they receive the knowledge we obtain through our experiences as we travel through life.

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