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Discover 7 Types Of Soulmates

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

There are 7 interesting types of soulmates we encounter, who travel with us for various lengths of time. Some may stay for a month, some a few years, and some for an entire lifetime if we are lucky.

Typically we think of soulmates are belonging in romantic relationships, yet in reality, many people cross our path to teach us life lessons. They are considered soulmates because we have known them before in another time and place. We travel through many lifetimes with our set of close soulmates.

This means we meet them over and over again in many different incarnations throughout different eras and locations. When we end a relationship, or someone dear to us passes over, we will see them again at some time in another place because they are a soulmate.

Sometimes we make a new friend who we have not shared past life experiences with. We can make brand new soulmate connections with souls we are unfamiliar with, and this adds new zest to our soul journey.

7 Types Of Soulmates We Encounter

I've counted 7 different types of soulmates, each with a different role to play in our life. Since there is no specific length of time, they may stay for a month or a lifetime. Some relationships are intense whilst others are casual and fun. We learn more during intense relationships and work harder on our growth. What each soulmate type has in common is that they help us grow and they impart lessons. We do the same for them. Often intense connections do not last beyond what we have come to learn.