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Different Ways to Send Distant Healing

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

This article is especially meant for people who have just done their second degree and don’t have a clear idea about how to send distant healing. Distant healing is one of the main aspects of second-degree Reiki. There are many ways and techniques through which distant healing can be sent. Adapt any method you feel comfortable with.


This is one of the most common and everyone’s favorite methods to send distant healing. You can select any stuffed toy, doll, or pillow as a proxy for your client. This surrogated stuff represents the person who is to be healed via distant healing. Connect the proxy thing to the person with the help of the distant symbol HSZSN. Now perform whatever method you need to over this proxy thing, as per the client’s issue.


You can use pictures of your client to connect their energy with the distant symbol. Hold the picture between your palms and state your intentions to heal and activate the flow of Reiki.

You can also take a picture of a certain time phase from your past and connect to the energy of that time and send healing to the past issue.


Connect the crystal to the person or situation with a distant symbol. Hold the crystal between your palms and draw all the other symbols over it. State your intention thrice and give Reiki to this crystal. You can also ask your crystal to transmit energy to the person for the allocated time.

Alternatively, you can use a crystal grid to send distant healing. A crystal grid is taught in the Third Degree of Reiki but me being a crystal freak, I started using the grid for manifestation at level 2.

Another way is to write your intention-invoking symbols and put them under the programmed crystal that resonates with your wish.

Picture – To heal a person, put a programmed crystal over the person’s picture.


Reiki Box

You can write your intentions, draw symbols on the back side of the paper, and put the chit inside a Reiki box. Give Reiki to your Reiki box daily.

Hands-on paper

Write your healing intention on paper, draw symbols and put them between your palms and give Reiki.


You can carve symbols on a candle or just draw over the candle. Connect the people with the distant symbol to the candle. Hold the candle between your palms and state your intention thrice. Light the candle with the intention to keep Reiki flowing to the person till the candle is burning. Extinguish the candle after desired time. You can anoint the candle with essential oils too.

Journaling for past issues

Activate Reiki and invoke symbols. Connect to the past issue with the distant symbol. Draw CKR and SHK on the journal and start writing everything that comes to your mind about that particular incident/day/person.


Connect with HSZSN to the future event or situation. Either use the visualization technique or write down your future wish. Send Reiki to your intention.



This method is generally used when you have no proxy around and you need to send immediate healing. Connect one of your fingers with HSZSN to represent the person. Wrap your other palm around the finger and send healing.


This requires strong visualization skills. Imagine the person, send the healing as if you are actually there. Visualize the whole scene with the desired outcome.

Cupped Palms

Imagine the miniature version of the person or place you want to send healing to between your cupped palms. Send healing-invoking symbols with your set intentions.

Group Reiki

If you are sending Reiki to many people at a time, list down their names, location, and issues. Connect all with the distant symbol and Reiki the paper that each of the listed people is filled with Reiki energy for their listed issue.

Knees and Thighs

Here we imagine that our right knee and thigh represent the front part of the person and the left knee and thigh represent the back. Considering the knee as a head point, give Reiki to all affected chakras and organs invoking needed symbols, an especially distant symbol to connect with the person.

Reiki for causes or calamities

In case of sending Reiki to any cause or natural calamity, connect with the place and affected or injured people. With palms near the heart center and facing out, send Reiki. Again, you can use any of the above methods to send healing to any cause.


Hold a CD, Mp3, or any music player in your palm, or open the video/audio of the music in front of you. Give Reiki to the music with the intention that anytime this music listens, the Reiki will start flowing for that duration.

Healing Wall

Select an empty wall. Stick all your Reiki request on the wall. Give Reiki to the wall with the intention to manifest the wishes stuck on that wall. Every time you pass by the wall, you will remember one or another of your wish, which helps the universe manifest it faster.


Switchwords and Mantras

Write a person’s name on paper, and connect it with a distant symbol. Hold in hand and chant switch words or mantras.

Chi Ball or Energy Ball

Make a Chi ball or Energy ball, put symbols into the ball while creating, state your intention and try to visualize the desired outcome. Release the chi ball/energy ball to Universe. There are some more methods for distant healing which need the Master symbol DKM, so I have not mentioned those methods here. Do not much dwell on the method being right or wrong, your strong and powerful intention is what matters.

You can send healing to people, houses, offices, any workplace, space, parking lots, situations, events, past, future, pets, electronic devices, Mother Earth, Universe, causes, calamities, emotional problems, stress at work, past life and so on and on and on… The list is endless.

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