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Different Ways to Send Distant Healing

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

This article is especially meant for people who have just done their second degree and don’t have a clear idea about how to send distant healing. Distant healing is one of the main aspects of second-degree Reiki. There are many ways and techniques through which distant healing can be sent. Adapt any method you feel comfortable with.


This is one of the most common and everyone’s favorite methods to send distant healing. You can select any stuffed toy, doll, or pillow as a proxy for your client. This surrogated stuff represents the person who is to be healed via distant healing. Connect the proxy thing to the person with the help of the distant symbol HSZSN. Now perform whatever method you need to over this proxy thing, as per the client’s issue.


You can use pictures of your client to connect their energy with the distant symbol. Hold the picture between your palms and state your intentions to heal and activate the flow of Reiki.

You can also take a picture of a certain time phase from your past and connect to the energy of that time and send healing to the past issue.


Connect the crystal to the person or situation with a <