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Cho Ku Rei Reiki Symbol

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Reiki symbols represent spiritual gateways to certain manifestation types of the Universal Source of Life Force energy and Cho Ku Rei (CKR) is probably the most flexible of them all.

What Is Cho Ku Rei And The Meaning Of This Symbol

The meaning of Cho Ku Rei is: "Place the power of the universe here". Cho Ku Rei is also considered one of the first symbols used in Usui Reiki. Cho Ku Rei works as a “switch” that helps to instantly increase Reiki practitioners’ ability to channel their energies. It can also be used for protection. Cho Ku Rei also gives the other symbols more power when they are used together. The main purpose of using it is to enhance the power of Reiki and draw the energy around and concentrate it on the required purpose. The symbol can be used at any time during treatment but it is especially effective if it is used at the beginning of a session. The symbol can be drawn in both counter and spiral clockwise directions.

It starts with a horizontal line which represents a connection with universal energy.

A straight, vertical line follows, which indicates the light flowing through the Soul Star Chakra and continuing to the