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Benefits Of Using The Violet Flame

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The violet flame is the most effective spiritual tool to transform your life.

It has been a hidden secret for centuries and was only taught to a tiny selected few who were deemed worthy.

It’s a spiritual fire that can only be seen through a spiritual vision in the astral and etheric planes because it’s a spiritual energy that cannot be seen through our physical senses.

It’s incredibly powerful for clearing away clogged-up disempowering energies and limiting beliefs.

What’s also interesting unlike a physical flame, it isn’t hot and it’s safe to touch.

However, it will cause anything holding you back from your spiritual growth to be melted away.

Violet fire comes from violet-ray energy if you were to view a chart of visible light, violet has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.

Making it the color closest between both the physical and spiritual realms.

Its frequency is also very close to the elements and compounds in our physical universe.

With the power to transmute anyone or anything into inner harmony and its own unique perfect frequency.

Benefits Of Using The Violet Flame

The violet flame can easily transmute negative into positive energy and remove limiting thoughts and beliefs.