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Beginners Guide To Pendulums

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Looking for an easy way to connect and receive messages from your higher self? If you answered yes then this simple divination tool is about to change your fucking life!!

What Is A Pendulum And How Does It Work?
What Is A Pendulum And How Does It Work?

What Is A Pendulum And How Does It Work?

A pendulum is commonly a stone or crystal that hangs on the end of a string or chain. A pendulum is a divination tool used to achieve spiritual insight and guidance. Divination is the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means.

Pendulums are used as a method of communication between you and your spirit guides. A pendulum works by absorbing the energies in and around you to deliver advice and guidance. They swing in specific directions and patterns to give you answers.

How To Use A Pendulum

Choosing A Pendulum

There are many types of pendulums to choose from but the most common type is a crystal pendulum. I personally prefer crystal ones as crystals hold a tremendous amount of energy which will amp up the pendulum’s energy. The most important thing to remember when choosing a pendulum is to feel the energy vibration it holds. It is important to have a strong connection with it so be sure to take your time when choosing.

Understanding Directional Swings

Now that you have chosen and connected with your pendulum it is time to program it. Simply, ask your pendulum to show you: yes, no, and neutral. For example, my pendulum swings vertically when the answer is yes, horizontally when the answer is no, and circular when it is thinking. Let your pendulum decide how it wants to show you answers as each one holds different energies.

Asking Questions

After you have programmed your pendulum it is time to ask it some questions. Pendulums give you, yes and no answers so ask accordingly. When you are first starting out, ask it questions that you already know the answers to. This creates trust between you and your pendulum while practicing communication between both of you. Between each question be sure to clear it by touching the weight of the stone on the palm of your hand.

Pendulum Tips

Tip #1 – Holding Your Pendulum

Use your dominant hand! I know you thinking, “no shit sherlock”, but there is a reason why I am mentioning this. It is important to use your dominant hand as you have to have complete control of your grip and movement.

Some pendulums have a small ring, loop, and bead, at the end of the chain for you to hold between your fingers. If so, gently pinch it between your pointer finger and your thumb. If this doesn’t feel comfortable or you do not have that to hold on to, instead, slide your pointer finger and thumb down the chain about ½” and let the end rest on your finger. Your grip should always be relaxed and your hand as still as can be.

Tip #2 – Ground Yourself

Before you ask your pendulum questions it is vital to ground and center yourself. The spiritual term grounding refers to energetically connecting to the earth so that you feel safe and at ease. In detail, grounding is a technique that guides the connection and alignment with yourself and mother nature which brings a sense of safety and calm. As a result, being properly grounded increases your mental, physical and emotional health.

Grounding will allow you to connect with the Divine at a deeper level for a more accurate answer.

Tip #3 – Bond With Your Pendulum

Create a strong bond with your pendulum by spending time with it each and every day even if only for a few minutes. Many people, including myself, actually carry it around while out and about. The reason for this is that the stronger the connection the more accurate the message.

Final Thoughts

Remember to stay patient with your pendulum while you are building your relationship with it.

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