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A Prayer for Calling your Energy Back

My favorite way to say/listen to such meditative prayers is to find a quiet, light-filled space to light a candle, burn incense, or diffuse oils to ground my senses. Or I choose to go for a walk and stay grounded in the present through the sensation of walking and seeing as I pray.

This combination of affirmative, meditative prayer allows you to stay rooted in your physical body as you connect with your higher self (or as I call it, your True Essence). That way you’re not looking for some “out there” god or spiritual experience. Instead, your life and your body become the container for your spiritual life. They literally are how you experience the divine.

Connecting to yourself in this way supports you to regulate your nervous system, anchor your spiritual self in the here and now, and helps you remember your sovereignty of choice.

This body, this energy, these emotions, your choices… all of them belong to you.

This is what “I am my own responsibility” really means: Freedom.

Say it. Write it. Affirm it. Listen to it.

Say this prayer as a command, affirmation, and statement over yourself. See if you can both hold your attention on your body as you listen in.

A prayer to call your energy back

“I now call all my energy back to myself. I unhook from the need for others to see me in any certain way at this time. I am no longer energetically, emotionally, or mentally available to assume what others are thinking, needing, or feeling and trust them as capable to feel their feelings and own their needs.

I trust that I am sovereign over my experience, and in doing so, accept full responsibility to honor myself, my vision, and my body’s needs.

I no longer dance the dance of people-pleasing, placating, or niceties. My energy, my body, my emotions, my boundaries, my joy, my healing, my choices— all of it is my responsibility and I accept this responsibility with reverence.

I trust myself with my fullness.

I trust that others are capable of healing without my rescuing, tending, or saving. I trust my own capacity to feel my discomfort when others are having distressful experiences, projections, or want me to give more than I can.

I trust my sovereignty to choose who, what and how to use my energy in this time. I trust myself to make bold choices with what I hear as I tune in. I trust myself to recover when I get it “wrong.” I now make the sovereign choose to believe that it is safe to be in my fullness and for others to be in theirs.

I am my own. I am my own. I am my own.

This is my freedom.

Amen and amen.”

I hope this meditative prayer supports you to remember yourself and come home to yourself so you can choose your next steps from your deep center.

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