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8 Signs Of Soul Family

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Did you ever meet someone who you felt close to for no reason like a strong link already existed from long ago? They are probably a part of your soul family. Soul Family is not the same as Soul Group, which are eternal members of our own soul. However, our soul family is a group of people who are very close to us and who travel with us lifetime after lifetime, not just on earth but in other areas of the universe. They may be in our actual family or be a best friend, or even a pet. They are the soul mates we meet who we do not have difficult karma with; they accept us like family and are easy to be around.

We Often Know Soul Family Well

Soul family can be part of our earthly families like a mother or brother, or they could be a best friend or neighbor, or workmate. If you are very lucky, you may have a charming romantic relationship with such a member of the soul family. We know our soul family and recognize them due to the long-standing commitment over many lifetimes. We usually feel like we have known them forever because we basically do.

Some members of our soul family can be with us on the other side of the veil, watching over us like a best friend, and guiding or helping us to make the right decision. This means that teachers, angels, and masters can be soul family who loves and help us very much from the other side. So as you can see, we are never without family to help us through our life.

There is no telling how long we may sojourn with a member of our soul family, although most times we have longstanding bonds with them since they are with us for a reason. They are not the kind of relationship that comes and goes again quickly, such as with some soul mates.