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7 Simple Ways To Work With The Miracles Of The Violet Flame

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Once you experience using the violet flame, you will be able to perform miracles when it comes to transmuting negative thoughts and energy…

Into empowering thoughts and positive energy in the shortest time possible.

The violet flame has been a hidden secret for many centuries until very recently after being revealed by ST Germain in the 1930s.

Now the sacred blessings and power of the violet flame are available to all.

And here’s the thing, there are many ways of invoking this flame…

So In this article, I’m going to share 7 different ways in which you can invoke the violet flame for your spiritual growth and healing that’s easy for you.

Visualize The Violet Flame

This method is suited for people who are more suited to visualization.

Visualization can bring forth a powerful violet flame which can be useful if you want to invoke it in silence.

It’s also useful to visualize the violet flame with other methods including mantras.

Try it yourself: Start off by seeing yourself surrounded by huge violet flames.

Notice how the beautiful violet flames are flickering and dancing up and down.

Focus on its magnificent color until you can clearly see it in your mind’s eye.