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6 Spiritual Healing Modalities

Spiritual Healing is essentially all types of energy and vibrational healing. Rather than using drugs or pills as in conventional medicine, the healer administers energy and touch through a form of channeling of higher vibrational energies or manipulation of the same. It is based on the principle that we are more than just a physical body, and that most ill health begins in our energy field and manifests eventually as a disease if left untreated.

Examples of spiritual or energy healing include hands-on, contact healing, distant healing, pranic healing, crystal healing, reiki, qigong, therapeutic touch, esoteric healing, and so on. The healer is usually offering support to the one who wishes to be healed, who needs to maintain a positive attitude to get the most from it. Spiritual healers help the patient to heal themself, by allowing higher forms of energy to treat their body, or by removing blocks to energy flow.

Let's look at a quick rundown of various forms of spiritual healing and how these modalities work.


Reiki was developed by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Its practitioners use a type of hands-on healing where they place the hands-on or over the body and transfer healing energy from their palms into the patient. The practitioners have received an attunement from a Reiki master which attunes them to the highest frequency of healing energy. This energy, upon entering the body, travels to the place where most healing is needed.


Qigong is practiced in order to retain balance in the physical and energy bodies. It's a system of coordinated body posture and movement, along with breathing, and meditation that stimulates good health and spirituality. Also used in martial arts training. It is rooted in Chinese medicine, philosophy, and martial arts, and is said to balance the chi or qi energy that is needed for good health. It is also good for relaxation and general body toning and exercise.